Am I in a toxic relationship?

Is this a toxic relationship? My boyfriend and I have been together for two years and have a six-month-old son together. We just got an apartment, and I’ve paid for everything, bills, and furniture because he wasn’t working. The money he got from his friends or family he spent on weed and alcohol even when he knew our baby needed formula or diapers. He doesn’t have a license and refuses to get one and drives my car without my permission! He calls me lazy even though I work two jobs and go to school and says that the court would give our son to him because I’m so young, is this true? His family is always drinking and not financially stable, either. I cannot leave when he’s around because he won’t let me go! I’ve told him if he doesn’t change I’m going to leave and he threatens to call the police & CPS. He does not allow me to go anywhere without him, or else he accuses me of cheating on him. He always goes through my phone trying to find something, he never does. He barely helps out with our baby; he rather plays video games than help me when I ask.


Yes, and he sounds like a loser


Leave …unless your guilty of something let him call the police and CPS.


Girl I would run as fast as I could away from him. It’s not going to change.


You need to leave. Not only is he just flat lazy. Hes a going to start abusing you or that baby if you dont leave

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Leave that’s definitely toxic and most likely the state would give you custody, you are financially stable.


Why is this even a question, some of the posts up here are like the same exact story line time and time again, I’m sick of reading these.

“My boyfriend hits me and doesn’t help with bills and we have a child together, I’m really miserable. Should I leave him?”

Does a bear shit in the woods? Jesus fuck

If you have to ask if it’s toxic…then pretty sure you know the answer…YES

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CPS can’t take your baby bc of your age. He’s just saying things to scare you into staying with him. Last I checked that’s not healthy behavior. Make a plan for safety and get out ASAP.


No shit thats abusive. Cops and CPS cant do anything, thats your child that YOU provide for. Leave when hes gone ASAP because you and your kid deserve better

Kick him out. He’s a liability to you and your son. Driving your vehicle without a license? And now that you’ve admitted you know that he does it, that opens you up for trouble when he gets caught.


Yes, run and don’t look back. And no the courts won’t give him custody because you are young. He’s just trying to scare you into staying. 

Take your baby and get out. He’s mentally and emotionally abusing you. You dont deserve it and your child doesnt need to grow up thinking that behavior is acceptable


Yes it is toxic! He sounds very lazy! He definatly wont get the kid because of drugs … leave as fast as you can!

I’m just gonna comment on the legal part…the moment you stop letting him scare the crap out of you with the cops and cps that’s the moment you’ll see him come unhinged.i dealt with this for YEARS scared they would take my kids even tho there was NO reason they could or would…next time he tells you hes gonna call them make sure you tell him DO IT ! STOP THREATENING ME AND DO IT THEN.he wont…if he does its gonna make him look bad in the courts eyes cuz by the way you’re describing it CPS would have zero reason to take your kids from you…and in order for them to take them there has to be SERIOUS issues with bruises or filth.stand up for yourself.


Girl he sounds like a piece
Of crap. Do yourself a favor and leave. Let him call the cops and CPS. If you have nothing to hide don’t worry. The court will never give him full custody so don’t believe his bullshit lies. You are good by yourself since you are already doing it all. Good luck girl!

Take one day, file for custody of your child and leave.
Don’t put up with this. They will not take your child from you.


Wow he sounds very controlling. I don’t see a court system choosing him over you especially if your saying he doesn’t have a job and could not pass a drug test. Sounds like you need to have him leave and ask the complex to change the locks so he cannot come back in.

Don’t be stupid it’s going to cost you a life of your child and you know that

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Run as fast as you can

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