Am I over reacting about how this girl acts around my SO?

I just wanted to find out what other people think about this, or am I just overreacting. I am currently on maternity leave with my child, and my partner is at University doing a degree, and his course work partner is a female who keeps comparing my partner to her boyfriend. Anything my partner does according to my partner, she keeps saying things like, "oh, you so much look like my boyfriend, you so sounds like my boyfriend, you act like my boyfriend. That what my boyfriend will do, I think that’s weird, but my partner said I am overreacting, Am I?


She is hitting on him.


If it bothers you, you’re not overreacting. Personally I don’t think it should be an issue :woman_shrugging:


Always go with your gut girl. Men be so dumb they don’t even know they are getting hit on.


I mean, at the risk of being attacked, I’ve said this to guys before. The intention, for me at least, is to make it clear that I’m with someone but also let them know they seem great. I think platonic compliments should be more allowed. That doesn’t mean that is the case in this situation, just I wanted to show the other side.


Don’t over think it. I don’t see anything that crosses a line here.


Sounds to me like she thinks too highly of herself and may think he wants her and she’s making it known she’s taken. I wouldn’t sweat it…especially if he’s telling you about it.


Definitely not over reacting, I’d be annoyed with it too! But on the bright side, hes telling you about it and shes making it known she has a boyfriend! Which would hopefully mean she is proud of who she is with and wouldnt do anything to Jeopardize it!


Shes definitely trying to get at him… if hes so much like her boyfriend, of course she would like him. If it makes you uncomfortable, tell him to stop hanging around her. He might not even realize what shes doing but if your gut tells you shes doing SOMETHING, trust it.

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Maybe she is infatuated with her boyfriend and overly obsessed :flushed:. You have the right to feel this way. I mean I would to probably. Tell your SO to tel this lady to stop compairing him to her boyfriend its making him uncomfortable plus it’s annoying.

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:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: Yes your over reacting .

Maybe she don’t have much socail skills and just compare things from her life to others .

Maybe u can’t handle. Men and women having conversations exspecailly if you think you can choose who your partner can talk to .

Asking on fb ain’t a good idea because your only going to listion to react to people who speek the truth u want to hear or savage anyone who makes you look like your wrong


Its weird but meh.
I don’t think for one bit that shes hitting on him.

And if IF she is, he isnt exactly stopping her OR putting her in her place.


ALWAYS trust your gut feeling.

Definitely overthinking.
She’s trying to bring up her bf, and still seem interested in the conversation/whatever is going on at the moment!


I’m curious,why is he telling you this?


Evidently your man likes being compared probably makes him feel younger asshole he wants some of that you don’t keep an eye on him he’ll get him some of that.

It would be annoying but not something to dwell on he’s clearly not keeping this a secret from you, trust your man they aren’t all bad.

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To be quite honest this sounds like me. When I talk to other men it’s always my husband this or my kids that. That’s what my husband would say, hey my husband did the same thing, etc. I think you are overreacting to be honest. Any woman after your man is not going to talk her man up constantly. However, I have never met a man that would go into this much detail with his woman about another female unless he was infatuated with her himself. My first question is, is this something he has always been comfortable talking to you about? If this seems out of the norm for him to be telling you, I’d be more worried about him than her. I also tend to talk a lot about my husband when I can clearly tell a man is interested in me and I’m not comfortable. I don’t know too many men that are comfortable sharing this much detail with their ladies simply for arguments sake.


Maybe you are feeling a little insecure as a new mum hes telling you about it and saying it’s odd so I wouldnt worry too much

My ex had a friend like this to be honest it was weird I wouldn’t say it to someone