Am I over reacting about my husband not wanting me at his promotion ceremony?

My husband is in the military, and he only has about six months left of his contract. Well, yesterday, he mentioned to me that he is getting promoted today. The family usually attends promotions, but he didn’t tell me to go. So I decided to ask him if my son and I were invited and he said that due to COVID, they weren’t letting family attend promotion ceremonies. His friend got promoted during lockdown (April), and his wife was there, and I have seen several pictures of people taking their families to promotions/reenlistments. Well, he has not spoken to me since I confronted him yesterday. I’m thinking he is either embarrassed by me or he’s messing around with someone in his platoon. I need advice!!! Am I overreacting, and is it really not a big deal, or is it fishy that he doesn’t want me and his son to attend?


Honestly a lot has changed since April… so I wouldn’t be shocked if it was true


if he’s not talking to you because you asked a simple question, that’s concerning.


I’d call and ask for myself…then go from there


My honest first thought was someone else


It really depends which state you are in. My husband is military and we’re in MS and things have changed completely. I dont think they’re allowing families at promotion ceremonies. I didn’t go to all of my husbands promotion ceremonies. Sometimes they literally do them at lunch then go on about there day.


Call and ask procedures change daily due to covid


My daughter’s boyfriend really want us and his family there so bad but due of covid19 are around and they are trying to keep their base healthy and clean not get contagious from covid19 but his area are doing the live video for them to graduate we can watch. After they are completely done they can come home we will celebrate in safe way. He has been writing a lot of letter to my daughter.

Different guidelines/procedures for different places. Way diff than back in April. Don’t fret over it. And don’t call behind his back, that will just piss him off. Either you trust him or you don’t. That seems to be the issue, here.


Maybe he’s upset because he wishes u were there and knows there’s nothing he can do and doesn’t know how to express that to you. :woman_shrugging:t3:


I’d call them myself and ask what the policy is first. Then if he’s lying, you’ll know something is going on. That seems very odd to me.


Promote yourself by finding the info on your own and making the informed decision from there. Good luck.


Yes I would call and find out time of ceremony then show up and try not to be seen just to see what’s what. Fishy sounding to me. Also do not take son just incase you see something upsetting.


Call his Command and ask yourself. You can keep it simple and just in general ask if family is currently allowed at promotion ceremonies without disclosing who you are. With all going on no one may be allowed.


It could be true. Maybe it’s not really a big deal to him. If it was me I’d try to talk again and tell him how you feel and see what he says. Only you two really know what’s going on in your relationship.

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Call and ask!!! Lol :wink:

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I would say due to covid.

Just go there and not tell him. Then you’ll know. Might want to not take your son just in case something goes down.


First off, I’m sensing some distrust and some insecurity. He mentioned the promotion to you, told you that family isn’t attending due to covid, and your first thoughts are an affair or embarrassment?

Heck, I wouldn’t even call to “check if it’s true” and just take his word. If you don’t trust him, that’s a conversation for the 2 of you to have privately. Just be mindful that if he is being truthful, you’re calling his character into question and he will react negatively to that.


Me and my husband are both military, his command didn’t authorize me or the kids to go to his promotion due to covid, and when my command advanced 4 guys in my shop they were also not authorized to have family/spouse attend. There are a lot of factors involved and things differ from command to command and state to state. I would not reccomend contacting his command and being “that spouse”, it wouldn’t look good for you or him, it’s likely that right now it’s not allowed, but if there is a civilian liaison that helps communicate between those attached to the command and their families then definitely reach out to them and ask the question! Also you could also ask your husband to see if someone can video the promotion so you can still see it later, that’s what one of his coworkers did for me :blush: