Am I over reacting about my MIL giving my child bread?

Hey…my miL gave bread to my seven mo in my absence…to which I clearly don’t agree…I told her…and she is all emotional about it. Am I overprotective or possessive about my child? I just want him to develop good food habits as much as possible…n read that bread too early isn’t good for infants.


Your child, your rules. When starting out solids, stick with minimum processed and single ingredient foods.


Your child, your rules. Period. With that being said, if you are worried he will be alright mama! People start baby led weening as early as 6 months. She shouldn’t have given it to him without your say so regardless though :woman_shrugging:t2::woman_shrugging:t2:


Your kid, your rules. The end.


The ladies above said it. Your kid, your rules.

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What’s wrong with bread?


Your kids your rules but I don’t think bread will hurt them. My former mil gave my oldest cake and pop at 5 months.


I would be upset. My mother did this when my daughter was 3 months old, but she gave her juice. My daughter ended up in the hospital for a week from it, some kind of infection. I would be firm with it.
Editing to add : it’s okay to be upset but don’t hold it over her head. just tell her how you feel and let it go.


Bread can be a choking hazard for baby that young. I would have came unglued


I understand but at the same time it’s bread not candy not chocolate bread never heard that bread is hard on children.


A 7 month old doesn’t need nor should be eating bread. Your kid your rules. MIL had her turn with her kids to be the boss.


Nobody should be feeding your child outside of your feeding plan. But at 7 months developmentally he is probably ready, so unlikely that any harm will come. Make sure your MIL understands that you have a specific feeding plan and let her know what the rules are, maybe then she won’t feel so upset and you can still control what your child is eating.

Man chill out it’s bread :rofl:


I suppose it would be a matter of if she knew she was allowed to feed the baby bread or not, if she didn’t know youd have a problem then she can plead ignorance . But if she knew how you felt about it then that’s not kosher. Since its crossing a boundary for you.

She shouldn’t be giving anything to your child without discussing it with you first, but you are overreacting a little. At 7 months they can start eating what you eat.

Make sure to just explain to her that you want to do this your way and that you want her to ask you first next time.

You are the parent not her so she needs to respect what you say and do it

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Did you specifically tell her not to feed your child? When my mom babysat my kids she would give them things I wouldn’t but I never did specifically tell her not to do how was she to know?

Your kid your rules but the kids old enough and it was only bread.
You can do all you want trying to get them to eat healthy but on the end they chose. I did the same and now it’s Mac n cheese nightly :joy::woman_facepalming:t2:


Yup, you’re overreacting… :woman_facepalming: How is bread going to give your child unhealthy eating habits. That literally makes zero sense…


Your kids your rules. I was scared by my mom on not giving bread to a child too early. Sad story she told me.

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