Am I over reacting about this girl my husband works with?

So I have a problem, and I need advice. About a year ago, we were at a festival my husband’s co-worker comes and gives him a full-body hug. Which to me, is inappropriate, but ok, I let it go. So a couple of months later we are at my husband’s company party. My husband goes to talk to this same girl and a couple that is at her table. I get the kid’s tokens done, and we go up to the table to get my husband. The girl then tells me very rudely, “who are you?” My husband says nothing and then doesn’t believe me until my daughter tells him about it. Then he chooses to acknowledge it. So fast forward to a year later. He still works with this woman and took a cup order for her. When I first asked him who the cup was for, he simply said someone at work. I feel like he knew it was gonna bother me. Am I overreacting?


I’d definitely be wondering what’s going on…especially when he didn’t introduce you…


He sounds like an arsehole


Hell NO! You aren’t! She should not be hugging your husband, PERIOD! Then to be rude to you!!!


What does your gut tell you? She should know who you are without an introduction but he should have checked that. I would’ve gone off about the first hug I saw.


If my husband acted like that it would not be good for him…

No bc if she knew he was married or had a wife she wouldn’t have asked rudely who you were.


I see both sides, at first, a hug I would say that’s an overeaction x my partner and I hug our flame and make friends and it doesn’t matter but he didn’t stick up for you and this women doesn’t no about you etc, that seems a bit fishy, I would ask more or start digging yourself

If he didn’t introduce you, ask questions!


Yeah you have a tight to feel this way.


I can’t say your overreacting. She definitely sounds like a problem and either he lied because he knows how you feel about her or he’s guilty. No excuse in my opinion. If your spouse tells you that someone is up to no good you leave them be

I had been dating a guy for a few years. I met his work mates, he didn’t introduce me, so I did instead “I’m Claire, his gf” as soon as I said that, the shock on their face told me all. He has clearly been flirting with others and acting single. I suggest you find that wedding ring and put that bloody thing on his finger and personally with her tone of voice, I would of replied “His wife and you are?” Has he bought anything anyone else presents at work? Yeah trust your gut girl.


He’s either cheating or about to cheat. I used to let things like full body hugs go too. That was not the right thing to do. Where it stinks, there are cheating fish. JMO


No you’re not over reacting, if it was nothing he wouldn’t be trying to hide it.


At that moment when she hugged your husband you should’ve have said something, and you should say something


He may be trying to get with or he is. You need to find out more.


Never ignore your intuition.


Trust your gut girl.


Oh yea he either cheated already or really likes this girl and working
Towards it

I would’ve stopped that at him not putting her in her place when she asked who i was…