Am I over thinking this situation?

To my understanding not if you’re positive. I’m A+ I have no idea what my husbands blood type is but we had a type O+ baby

Sometimes it just happens. I had an early miscarriage in 2010. Had a baby in 2015. 2 early miscarriages in 2018, baby in 2019 and baby in 2020. No explanation and went on to have children. Sometimes it’s a problem with chromosomes, sperm quality, egg quality, etc.

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I’m AB- and my body self terminates every other pregnancy :pensive:

You need to be tested to see if you’re RH - or RH + and yes rhogam shots are necessary after every birth and miscarriage etc and I think also during in order to protect future pregnancies. Talk to your Dr get tested and yes it matter based on negative and positive blood types. Check into it. I’m O- and my husband is A+ (but it would also be a problem with any other type bc o neg can only receive o neg) and I’m rh - I think so yes I have to get shots. Figure it all out before enough pregnancy! And depending on blood types of last miscarriage and parents you may need shot ask Dr.

Nope. I’m rh- and yes we got shots but the first one one isn’t even until 28 weeks so that wouldn’t be the reason. Definitely talk to your doctor about this one.

No. I had 4 miscarriages. I am O+. 1 for sure was a blighted ovum. My whole family has had issues. My 2nd son I bleed heavy for 20 weeks because of placenta previa. Everyone is different. Just because you bleed you do not need a shot. Only reason. You would need one is if you are RH-.


Hi! Blood banker here. The Rh/D antigen (the pos/neg portion of your blood type) is not the only antigen on red blood cells. A and B are also antigens (and there are MANY other RBC antigens beyond those), and you as a type O person naturally have anti-A, anti-B and anti-AB antibodies.

Anti-AB antibodies CAN potentially cross the placenta and affect your fetus’s type A RBCs (that is, IF your fetus truly was type A).

However, it is not guaranteed that your baby had type A blood. Its dad’s phenotype could’ve been Ao, in which case there is a chance the baby was type O.

In addition, according to this chapter about hemolytic disease of the newborn (HDN) (linked below) “HDN due to ABO incompatibility is usually less severe than Rh incompatibility. One reason is that fetal RBCs express less of the ABO blood group antigens compared with adult levels.”

Ultimately, there is almost no way to know whether this was truly the cause.

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I had the anti D injection around 10 wks with my last baby as my system detected it earlier… I had started bleeding around 9 wks so it can happen alot earlier … hugs to you for ur loss… dont give up OK… it will happen xxxxxx

With my OBs that I’ve had, since I’m A-, I get my rhogan shots at 28 weeks and depending on baby’s blood type after birth I either get it or I don’t. I have only been able to go without getting the shot once after birth bc he has the same blood type as me. The other 3 are all A+ so I had to have the shot. also if you start bleeding and go to the ER if you have a negative blood type they would maybe give you a rhogam shot then too which I’ve been through that situation as well. Also after a miscarriage where the mother has a negative blood type you have to get the shot which I’ve had to do that one also. Best of wishes to you and prayers for healing.


Yes, RH- blood
I am A- and Husband is O+. With your first pregnancy you should jave received a shot if this was the case, for following pregnancies. As your body would see the fetus as a forzign object. I have had three babies. Did they not test ypur blood types when you were pregnant with ypur first? I am sorry to hear about your loss, please speak to your Dr.

I gather you didn’t have the first needle cause you were so early. It’s if your blood mixes with the baby blood it can do harm. I’m A- my kids dads were A+ and all my kids are A+ but don’t know what my angels were

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I miscarried 4 times i am AB - bad for women!

Not sure what my parents blood type is but from what my mom has told me my brother only has my dad’s blood none from her. Dr told her it was rare for that to happen. Btw my brother just turned 25 this yr.

Yes. That happened to me too. I miscarried at 11 weeks. They said I was suspose to get this shot. But then I got pregnant again 3 days after my DNC with the same man and she was completely fine. It was weird.

I don’t think it affects it that early if you are RH-


No it can happen when my daughter was born my blood attacked hers she was in icu for 10says straight after birth it was the most scariest time of our life’s we was told that she needed a full blood transfusion which would cause brain damage! We was told she’d have health problems down the line! Well she’s 2 and a half years old and a healthy little madam, she’s arched all milestones (even before appropriate age) no brain damage no health problems, we was so lucky! I was told if I had another baby it would happen again

I’m O neg my 1st was same as me, my 2nd was dad and I can’t remember my 3rd but we have no idea what dad is just know he’s not same as me.
However I’ve always thought the only blood type that can reject a baby was O- as you need Anti D…

I’m so.sorry. I lost my son 3 days after he was born due to the same issue. Im. O- and needed a rogam shot to help him fight my blood. But it was neglected to be given by the doctor. He died. I was 15 and not knowledgeable of this shot. But I’ve since 20 plus years ago to have 2 beautiful daughters… I now have a 3 month old granddaughter. I made it a point when she was expecting to get that shot.

Generally the father is the one that passes the +- type on to the child. Talk with your doctor. I’m a negative and I had to get shots after each positive baby.

Im o- so my rh factor is rh-. My body could fight the baby off like it was an infection. Thats what the dr told me. Ive had 2 miscarriages and 3 live births. Thank God. Just keep trying and don’t ever lose your faith! God Bless you and your family!