Am I overreacting or am I justified?

This will be lengthy but I’ll try to shorten it up as best as I can. My husband and I have had a rough patch over the last 2 years. It started when I find out that he was looking at escort websites and friends of ours that have OnlyFans. It only got worse when a close friend sent him a picture of her in her underwear (her face wasn’t in the picture but I recognized her tattoos). All this was going while we were trying to conceive, which absolutely devastated me. I’ve always had low self esteem and it made me feel like garbage. Anyway, about 2 weeks later, I found out that I was pregnant and he swore he’d change and do better. That was in September 2019. Fast forward to January 2020, he gets caught looking at escort sites again. He swears he’s just looking and promises not to do it again. Things are great, as far as I know, until January 2021. He gave a friend of ours (different friend) a ride home from the bar and was gone longer than he should’ve been. I went to her house to see if he was still there and I found them about to have sex. I told him that it was it and I was done, I’d be filing for divorce the following Monday. I guess I’m an idiot because I didn’t do it and here we are 4 months later, I still really don’t trust him because he deletes messages from certain females and that’s how this whole thing started. I noticed several calls to and from a number in his phone, saved under a man’s name. So I called, and a woman answered. I asked him about it and he said it’s his buddy’s wife who answered because they share a phone. There was several calls that last longer than 15 minutes and at random times, like 2:30am. I want to believe him but with his past, I’m not sure. I know looking through his phone is wrong but I just can’t help it.