Am I putting too much pressure on my boyfriend?

Need advice. My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 4 years. I’ve brought up the idea of marriage often since about 2 years together and he always seems to want to get married too but after months and months of waiting, no proposal. I also want more children but he doesn’t seem to want more. We have no children together. I have one by myself. I want to have children with him. But anytime I bring it up, he doesn’t really wanna talk about it. He wants us to buy a house, yet I’m the only one working on my credit and saving. Idk how he could commit to a 30yr mortgage but not to me… I know marriage isn’t for everyone, but it’s something I want. And I’m getting tired of waiting. I want more kids, and I’m not getting any younger. Am I wasting my time with him, or should I be patient even though I’ve been patient for a while now? Am I putting too much pressure on him? We have a decent relationship, and I don’t want to ruin it over this, but I’m starting to feel a little resentful. I’ve done my best to make sure he has everything he wants in life, but he doesn’t want to give me the things I want in life. And I don’t want him to marry me just because I say so. That’s not fair to either of us. Idk what to do!!!


Stop wasting your time and move on. You do not have the same goals. You have already wasted 4 years. He gets all the benefits with no commitment including your good credit. Keep it moving and good luck


Easier said than done but you definitely need to move on


Hes just saying what you want to hear to make you happy in that moment. Actions speak louder than words and he is screaming at you that he wants to do nothing.
He is not man enough for you


If ye are on the same page don’t keep wasting your time.vyears fly by too quickly. You know what you want in life.

It’s time to say goodbye


Move on… if no proposal by three years you probably won’t get one


You can’t force someone to do things because YOU want them. Marriage and kids should have been discussed a long time ago for mutual understanding. You can’t force him to marry you. Maybe you scared him by talking about marriage 2 years into a relationship?

If marriage is something you want and he doesn’t or kids is something you want and he doesn’t … heck if you’re the only one willing to support the relationship financially and he wants to be looked after… read that ALL again… I think you know whether this relationship is worth it or not… don’t look for someone to tell you what to do with YOUR life… Listen to your heart and always choose happiness :two_hearts:

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You obviously have your future goals set and just because you’ve spent these few years with him doesn’t mean that he’s going to be the one to share those with you…if you have all these concerns already…you pretty much know what you should do


Move on .He should no what he wants by now


You can’t make someone be someone they are not. You are not on the same page and do not want same things. I know this is hard to do but you need to move on so you can be with someone that will want the same things you do. Seems to me that he’s using you

You already know what to do. Leave. He’s not gonna propose and he doesn’t seem to want more kids. There’s plenty of men out there who do.


You both want two different things.
He’s not gna change his mind and neither are you.
Do you want to feel resentment towards him in the next 5 years?


Honestly it sounds like a breeding ground for resentment already


You are wasting your youth on some who does not want the same goals … move on you will find that guy that wants the same dreams as you .

Time to move on…you don’t have the same goals especially when it comes to children!!

I really think you should re read what you wrote. Your answer is in there. But, you need to communicate all of this to him and see where he really stands with it all. Good luck!!

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Time to :v: out… hes not ready for all that commitment.

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I agree with move on you cannot make him want kids if that is what you desire as well as a marriage and a home there is another out there wanting the same thing … Put your plans for your future in motion and you will find the person you are meant to be with on your way… Remember if you choose to leave he may say he wants these things to just to not lose you and then it will all go back to how it is now… Be strong go after what you want it’s easy to get stuck because of someone else.