Am I responsible for replacing something my son broke at someone else's house?

If someone asks my child to spend the night at their house so my child can spend time with theirs, and my child damages something on an accident at their home, should I be responsible for replacing what they damaged? (A computer in this situation). I feel like it wouldn’t be my responsibility because the adult should have been watching the kids in the first place and keeping valuable items away from small children. Plus, they wanted my child to stay all night, I never asked.


We’re they just using it and it broke or were they kind of messing around n it got broke? You should definitely offer to pay for half if they broke it messing around. If ur child is a terror, u should pay for all.


It depends on how it broke. If they purposely destroyed it, then you pay for it. If it was an accident offer to pay half.


Well that depends on your sense of responsibiliy and if your want to teach your child responsibility for his actions… My son once was with a group of kids and they all broke a bathroom sink. My son was taught to own up to what he did and to say the truth. He was the only one that admitted to what happen and yes we replaced the sink because we want my son to learn that what you break you fix and we were extremely proud that even with the fear of being punished he was right in telling the truth. It is irrelevant if they invited or they wanted.

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If you were at their house, and you broke something, wouldn’t you offer to pay for it?

Your kid, your responsibility no matter where they are.

But this all depends HOW the computer broke.


It would be the right thing to do

Yes is the answer and what if the tables had turned and their child broke yours?


What would you do if the tables were turned?


U have a type of mindset there…hmmmm clearly describes who you are…bout plus this an that an oh u didnt ask…smh yes you should buy it back,not bcuz i wanted ur child to stay over means its ok for anything to happen an you have no responsibilities daz ur pickney…ent if something happen to ur child at my place you will hold me responsible???

Yes, your kid broke it, at a minimum you should offer to pay something for it.


If the parent invited them to stay the night, at that point it’s that parent’s responsibility. If they didn’t want it broken then they shouldn’t have allowed the kids near it. That being said, it would be the polite thing to do to offer to pay for it. I personally have had kids break and destroy stuff while in my care and I would never ask the parents to pay for it… I was the only one responsible for what happened while they were in my care.

Your Honeowners Insurance will cover something your child damaged. I know since it happened to me. Insurance Co might give you a hard time at first. I kept at it and prevailed as my agent said his son burned down the neighbor’s shed and it was covered.

You are definitely responsible for replacing a computer if your child broke it. Whether you asked or not for them to stay. Whatever your child damages is your responsibility.

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Its polite to offer to help , I know I would if it was one of my children

Yes the right thing to do .

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Yes - if we are talking about a plate or glass, no obviously that’s insignificant and non consequential. However, talking about a costly item such as a laptop or anything of significant value, you should offer to at least partly pay for it.
Accidents happen but kids should be held responsible for their actions. It’s unfortunate and maybe they will decline your assistance but the intention should be to help. I would be talking to your child and getting a clear picture of what happened. I would also suggest having your child do some extra chores or something for them to earn part of the money to show their actions have consequences.
Teaching your kid respect for things at an early age will help in the long run, right now it’s small items but what happens if your child was to break a laptop in school or damage a car when they can drive?

The responsibility lies both with you and the other parent… you because your child broke it and theirs because they weren’t paying attention enough to prevent it from happening… I’d offer to pay half…

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The child was invited and you weren’t present , accidents happen , and no she is not responsible


Why asking when you clearly don’t want to be responsible for it.


I’d say no. If my child stays at someone’s house I’d be expecting the adult to actually be keeping an eye on the children. I for one wouldn’t expect another parent to pay for something damaged at my house my a kid. It’s my responsibility as an adult to make sure it is safe for the children to play in my house etc.