Am I selfish for not wanting my husbands name on my new house?

Dilemma: married for four years. Moved into husband’s house and rented mine. I was very clear that I did not want to stay in his house. That we would need to get something else. He doesn’t take care of it. The floors are rotting away. The siding and roof need to be fixed…. The list goes on. The plan was to each saves money to pay cash for another house. For four years, I’ve worked endless hours and put money back for this. He, on the other hand, has spent all of his extra money on boats, razors, and casinos. He has no money put back for a house, and I can’t live in this one much longer. I ended up selling my house to make up what I need to get a nicer house. I do not want to put his name on my new house. He did nothing g to earn it, and if something was to happen to me first, I would want it to go into my children’s estate. FYI. There is a prenup! Do you think this is selfish of me


I wouldn’t say it’s selfish but, it’s definitely not a marriage I would want to stay in, personally. Depending on what state you live in though, he may still be entitled to the house depending on what’s in your prenup.

Ah hell no. You’ve done good for yourself. You now need you reevaluate your marriage. If he is so selfish to spend monies he is supposed to be saving and you busy your ass. It’s yours… Be sure it’s documented appropriately in case of divorce, death, anything like that.

No I don’t think ur wrong. Why should he live in something he put effort in if something should happen to u. Let him go back 2 his run down house if it come to it

Just buy it under your children’s names and have it in the contract you get to reside in the residents until your death.

Your question brings up numerous complex legal dilemmas that vary from state to state. I would not risk asking Facebook. Please seek the advice of attorney right away.

Why is this guy still your boyfriend is the bigger question.

I’m very surprised at how many people are actually responding in the manner they are. :exploding_head: I totally agree it’s not selfish, but it’s almost a bit late. I could definitely be wrong, but would be very surprised if you could buy a house (or any asset) that easily during marriage and it not be potentially community property. There’s obviously bigger issues here than housing that need to be dealt with.
I’m living in a pretty crappy house myself because I have not been able to purchase a new home at this time due to my current “marital status” being somewhat “complicated.”

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Am I selfish for not wanting my husbands name on my new house?

Nope not selfish, he should have worked as hard as you to earn it honestly. And i don’t see nothing wrong with wanting it to go to your children if you’re the one who worked for it.

Sounds like you shouldn’t be married to him anymore.

So when my husband and I bought our home, my name wasn’t on the loan, but because we were married, it HAD to go on the deed.

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Not selfish at all imo

Nope, Not selfish at all!!

No! Protect what you worked for!

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The fact that you even asked this question tells me that you already know it’s selfish :100: He’s your HUSBAND…not your boyfriend smh

Not selfish at all! Seems like ur being an adult and he’s being an adult child, not handling his responsibilities!

Nope not at all If he didn’t contribute

He doesn’t sound like the best fit partner. If he didn’t take care of his house what makes you think he’ll help take care of this one you both will have together? And you both have different ways of handling money, if he is not smart with his money then that’s just another problem that will come up later on down the road.

Not selfish at all, take care of what you have earned, by your self, it’s yours!

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