Am I selfish to bring a child into this world on my own?

I am 33 and going through my first pregnancy. My partner and I never dated or had anything serious, we were just friends, and now we have a baby on the way. He’s expressed how he’s scared and doesn’t feel ready and even asked if he could pay me to explore other options. I have already decided to go through with this pregnancy, but now I’m wondering, am I selfish or a bad partner because I’m bringing a child into this world knowing that we won’t be a family? I know things will be tough, but I have a strong support system and believe I can do this. Any advice would be appreciated


You can do it girl. You made the best decision ever. :heart::crown:


I don’t feel that you are being selfish. Many moms and dads do it alone everyday. If you feel that you can do what’s best for the baby then do it.


You are making good decisions… if he doesn’t particularly want to be a father… then don’t make him… sounds like you’ll be happy either way.


Not selfish at all! Congratulations mama!


You’ve already made your choice and no it’s not selfish.
You’re accepting that he doesnt know if that’s what he wants. Just don’t go forcing him into it later. You are doing something incredible. And you seem to already have a plan in place. Congratulations :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:


Nope. Be happy and give that baby all your love. Congrats.


If you’re having doubtful thoughts, remember there are couples that are willing to adopt! Congratulations :tada:

Not at all. A child is a blessing!

Hunny millions of single ladies do this every day. :heart:


You can do this. My mom was a single mom for all three of us. Me, plus my two siblings. She did her very, very best and we never blame her for not having our fathers. What matters is the love you will give that baby. The kind of life you will give them.
A family doesn’t mean having both parents. A family is built on love. You and your baby will be a family.

You are not by any means being selfish! Your looking for reassurance. That what you did or are doing is the right thing and tbh nobody but you can tell you that. What we all can say is there a ton of women and men in your situation daily and they do it. I did for a bit without the support and let me tell you! Your already ahead of the game by having that. You got this mama! Tough times are inevitable but that baby will make it worth every second at the end of the day I can promise you that! There is absolutely nothing like a childs love.

Girl. I had my kid in a similar circumstance.
It was not easy, and he is not in her life. Totally worth it. I would do it over again every time for eternity

Selfish??? Not at all, your kid is gonna have a great mother, just don’t force him to be part of your kid’s life if he doesn’t want to.

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U can do it! My ex cheated on me throughout my pregnancy and I raised our twins on my own with an awesome support system! U got this

A child is a special
Gift each one bring unconditional love

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You got this who gives a shit what anybody else thinks if it’s what you want it’s your body your life

Is he even your partner if it isn’t serious and you’re just friends though? Your mindset seems like you’re already single and doing it on your own anyway. And your decision to keep the baby sounds more serious than the dynamics of your “relationship” with him. You’re not selfish by any means. And with or without him I’m certain you’ll be a great mum to your baby. Men come and go… but kids are for life :heart:

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No ma’am. There are actually parents out here who pay a lot of money to go through with having a kid on their own! Love your kid. Care for them and be a great mom!

It’s actually pretty selfless. Being a single mom is tough. Hardest thing I’ve ever done, but these cuddles are so worth every sacrifice.