Am I sheltering my daughters?

At what age did you start allowing your child to watch sexual scenes in movies? Not fully blown sex but things like bare breast, descriptive language, or implied sexual behavior. I have sheltered my kids a lot, and I have friends who allow their kids to watch whatever, even as a kid, I was allowed to watch whatever. I’m not sure if I’m too closed minded or sheltering them too much. my daughters are 11 and 9.


I don’t think your sheltering them. I think they are just reaching/approaching the okay age. My daughter is almost 9 and I have let her watch limited adultish scenes . Mostly her exposure has been adult references and or jokes that go over her head

I dont think you are sheltering them. I dod the same with my girls, but my middle one was much more curious about things than her younger sister and she loved to share her findings🤣 so the young one heard and saw some things a little early for her.

I don’t restrict sex scenes unless it’s especially graphic. My mom made me incredibly uncomfortable Bc of how awkward she was about sex etc. I want my son to be comfortable with it. Violence, on the other hand, I restrict.


You are not sheltering them. Thank God parents still try to protect their kids from this stuff


No 11 or 9 year old need to see nudity or sexual scenes at all


I’d say you’re asking this question at the perfect time, knowing that the time is coming. Trust your intuition honey :slight_smile: youre doing fiiiiine


9 is too young that’s my sons age

The age of puberty is the age I would start to teach them stuff as safe sex but other than that there way to young

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Hard times because most shows and movies have sex scenes


And if sex scans no but the know bad language

Age 13 & in 8th grade was when we had sex ed where I live. I had a period only talk when I was 9 & I started at 12. My mom never had a sex conversation with me. I learned from booms that I read (I was not censored on that either). You are not sheltering your kids.

Shit my oldest son is 13yrs old and is now allowed to watch movies with women in their underwear and bras. Some naked scenes he watches. It’s all up to the parent each and everyone of us is different and parents different. Me personally it would depend on how mature the 11yr old is?
With 9yr old my opinion she is still to young an will learn about that stuff soon enough.

I’ve never been one to sensor what I watch in front of my kids unless it is a scary movie (I have a younger child still). My now 7 year old has been obsessed with scary movies since he was almost 6. We have movie marathons of Jason, Halloween, chucky, etc frequently. I think it depends on the kid and their maturity level if they can handle it or not :woman_shrugging:. Sex is a part of life, boobs and ‘sex scenes’ are just body parts regardless. That’s just my opinion, everyone parents differently though

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The Canadian TV rating guide says that content like that should be left until they’re 17-18 years old (R-M).


my younger girls i watch what they watch with them as well with the sex scenes nudity.the langage on other hand cant do to much about that because they also hear that as they walk out the door around other kids and adults. they hear it a t school when was in i even hear at out of other kids at school. i work in a school thats how i know.

try it and talk to them and see how they feel about it. my daughter is 9 she gets that when the heavy kissing is happening she’ll cover her eyes or leave the room but she also understand that they are probably going to have sex and is uncomfortable with it but it gives us opportunity to tall about consent amd non consent. its an excellent teaching opportunity kids are getting younger and younger with the questions and talking about it in school with friends


I am of the opinion that the more you draw attention to things like this, the more of a big deal they think it is. I’m more of the European frame of mind. Children grow up seeing things like naked breasts on the beach, by the pool, on the TV, etc. they understand it is natural, and have no incentive to look. If no longer has its appeal. If naked breasts came on the television, I wouldn’t turn the channel. I would ignore it like it’s no big deal.


Tbh I would say that it’s when u feel they are ready , I think kids grow up to fast now a days and if we can keep them at the age appropriate stuff for as long as possible then that’s what I would do personally but everyone has there own opinion and how they would deal with this sort of stuff and that’s up to them

I think suggested behaviour is OK by Y7. Films like Grease have quite a bit in. Bared breasts would’ve made a film a 15 before 12s came in. I use IMDB as a guideline as it has an advice from parents section so you can make your own judgments. A 12A might be okay to watch if it’s because of swearing or mild violence for example. If it is proved you are showing movies to your kids who are underage, you can get into trouble although I doubt they’d chase after you for showing your kids 12s!

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