Am I taking breastfeeding too seriously?

I have three kids, my youngest being 6 weeks old. For my older children i was never able to breastfeed exclusively and had to supplement with formula. I dont know if i was lacking support or if i am just more relaxed this time around, but i am exclusively breastfeeding my 6 week old daughter successfully. I also have managed to store 250 ounces so far in my freezer, my problem is i am literally not doing anything else. I eat sleep and breath for my milk supply right now. I have this fear the i wont have a good enough milk supply and that every little thing will make it drop. I feel like i cant go anywhere or do anything with my fiance because i might have to miss a nursing session or pumping session. I get super annoyed when my fiance asks to use a bottle from my freezer stash because for whatever reason i feel like i have to save it all. I am only sating foods that i feel will increase my supply and i get really anxious if my baby wants to eat constantly because then I cant pump to know that I have fully emptied my breast. When we go grocery shopping, and I nurse her in the carrier, I get anxious because usually she only nurses from one side, and I pump from the other, but then I leave the other full, and im afraid that will decrease my supply. My fiance already wants me to stop because it’s basically running my life right now. I guess my questions are, does it get less time-consuming? And am i being too dramatic about my milk supply? Is it as delicate as im making it out to be? This is my first time ebf so i dont want to lose my momentum. Thank you in advance for any advice.


I was like this with both of my kids, they say breastfeeding is equivalent hours to if not more hours than a full time job!

I also couldn’t breastfeed my first two children, I made it a couple weeks with each then formula fed. I exclusively breastfed my youngest until 18 months and had no supply problems at all like I did with my first two. So I would say bluntly, yes youre being a bit hypersensitive when it comes to your milk supply. Stressing yourself out can decrease your supply more than anything else. Theres no point in nursing if you and baby are not both enjoying the bonding experience and both happy and satisfied. I mean honestly, the worst that can happen is your supply does drop then you use formula, its no big deal, your baby will still be fed happy and healthy. Best case scenario is calming down about it actually helps increase your supply and youre able to have a long successful nursing journey with your babe. There’s no right or wrong way, but you should really try to relax a bit more and just enjoy the time in the moment. Pump when you can, store what you can. You will be so much more at ease if you just take it as it comes and dont allow yourself to become erratic over the situation, it will be okay no matter what!

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I’m the opposite. I’ve done nothing but pump exclusively and have 1000 ounce frozen. My daughter just turned 3 months so that’s “extra” from her normal feeding schedule. I feel like I was the same way with the anxiousness. For me it worked being on a direct schedule for pumping. I started with 3 hours and then went to 4 and I get about 10-12 ounces a pump. I’m not sure how that works with actual latching too but I would say to not stress yourself out with it. If you do, you might drop your supply just from being worried. I know for me personally, drinking a ton, and I mean a ton, of water helped with my supply.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. Each child is different with feeding and milk supply is different with each. Pump when you can. Let your fiance feed her when he wants. If he feeds her you can pump and replace what he used. The worst thing that I came to with nursing is when I was ready for some time away I couldn’t because my children wouldn’t take a bottle even with my milk in it. Let him have some bonding time with her and for her to get used to using a bottle not just exclusively getting her milk from you. If she won’t take a bottle then all the work you put into pumping will be for nothing.

I breastfed my children, but your best bet is to let them nurse when hungry. I set mine on a schedule as I was going back to work. Problem became with leaking as get so full. If you are pumping at night, give your body a break. It is best to think only 2 week supply. With excess, check a hospital to see if need with preemies

Thank you for this post, I feel this is going to be me, baby due in a week and I couldn’t feed my eldest 2 and especially with the currect situation on the World I’ve said I’m just gonna stay home and breastfeed at least until New year so we get the hang of it, its great to read other experiences and advice so thanks again, I really dont want it to take over and I don’t have time for my other 2 babies x

I had 5 kids. And was able to breast feed them all. Don’t stress, use some of your supply, so you can go out, the first time you do this you may get anxious, but after you will relax. You have milk this time, means you ARE doing well. Baby will be ok, and so will you.

The more you feed the more you make. Baby does cluster feeding to get your body to make more. Research a lot and you will understand more. I did with my second and found it so much more comforting. I listened to a lot of others when it came to my first bubba and I ended up stopping at 7 months because I bought into too many opinions and thought my body was failing me… now after feeding my girl still after 16 months I know that I sabotaged myself and I wasn’t failing at all with my first. Research!!! :heart::heart::heart: Knowledge is everything :blush:

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I’m at a year exclusively breastfeeding and I can say that I was 100% like that, get a haaka and just nurse on demand that way you don’t have an oversupply and you can still stock your freezer. But if you’re exclusively breastfeeding you really don’t need a freezer stash unless you think you’re going to be away from your baby. I threw away so much milk because it went bad and I pumped all the time for no reason and wasted precious bonding time with my son. It’s hard not to get obsessed with breastfeeding because it’s all you do all day and you can’t physically see that your baby is getting enough so it’s hard not to worry sometimes, but As long as she’s satisfied after a feed then I wouldn’t worry about it. Also it is normal for your supply to regulate around 12 weeks so your breast won’t feel as full but that doesn’t mean your baby isn’t getting enough. When your milk first comes in you have an oversupply and then it regulates itself! You got this mama!!