Am I wrong for being upset that my husband has female friends?

Am I wrong for being upset about my husband having female friends that aren’t friends with me? Part of me feels like I am overreacting. Thoughts? Edit just found out that this particular female has a “thing” for my husband.


Friends should be BOTH
You don’t go out on your own with men he doesn’t meet at all so why should he

Your in a committed relationship if they including your husband have an issue with understanding you come as a pair then they are all NO GOOD FOR YOU xx


Nip it NOW. If he has a problem with it then peace out!


Why are they not your friends

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as I tell all my best friend’s girlfriend’s…i I wanted to be with them I would have had them, we’ve been friends for decades, I’ve been around long before you, and I will be around long after you. And no I don’t have to even like you let alone be friends with you I just have to be civil to you.

If you’re so insecure that they can’t have female friends you need to leave and fix yourself.


Definitely. My husband has female friends…
I am 1000000 percent ok with this. Even if they have a “thing” for him. The thing is…I trust my husband 100000 percent. He also trusts me. We can be out dancing, and if a guy asks me to dance, my husband is ok with it, as my husband does not like to dance. It is wonderful to have an amazing trusting relationship going both ways. That is the secret to our long and happy marriage.


Everyone deserves the right to have friends, doesnt matter the sex…if you dont trust HIM than the issue is with him not female friends.


Unless he has a thing for her, why would you be upset? Women get too damn insecure over this subject. Friends are friends, if she has a thing for him, just make sure she doesn’t try to act on it. Not sure what the issue is, my hubby is friends with some of his ex’s and I wouldn’t say we were friends as I’ve never met some of them. I have nothing to worry about :woman_shrugging:

I don’t give a shit if you trust your husband. I trust mine but I’ll be damned if this female has a thing for my husband an is still friends with him that is just plain disrespectful

You don’t have to be friends everyone your spouse is friends with. But I’d definitely be nipping the one that has a thing for him.

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If it’s all his female friends then yes. If it’s just one or two in particular maybe theres a reason?

As someone who’s had a. nearly 20 yr friendship break down over this exact same thing I can promise you somebody WILL get hurt. He will be hurt to have to choose. She will be hurt at losing her friend
I think its something you need to work on yourself
You need to figure out why your with someone you dont trust, so what if she has a thing for him does that mean she gets to have him?
This is a you and him issue not a her and him issue


Why arent they friends wit you? Have you invited them over or invited them to a night out?

Maybe see about meeting her and all becoming friends but if she has a thing for him tell him to cut her off and make it clear nothing will never happen between them


Talk to him tell him how you feel, and end what little friendship he has with the one that likes him. If he truly love you he would not have an issue with that.

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It does not bother me, I’ve actually gained a few friends through him! I trust him as far as that!

There is no right or wrong and your relationship is yours. So even if there’s women on here who don’t care that their hubbies have female friends who they take bubble baths with- it’s not about them. It’s about YOUR comfort level with YOUR husband in YOUR marriage. No one else will benefit or suffer from your choices so really who gives a damn what anyone on the internet has to say about your comfort zone in your marriage :woozy_face:

I personally am ok with my hubby having female friends who I am also friends with and that’s a two way street with my male friends and him knowing them. There are boundaries though for sure and while we trust each other we also don’t believe in allowing temptation to sneak in.

But again- that’s OUR marriage and what works for us :heart::slightly_smiling_face: 12 years this year.

Yes. You need to get over it. They are his friends. They don’t have to be your friends. And he’s entitled to have opposite sex friends :woman_shrugging:t2:

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You sound insecure in your relationship.

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You sound toxic and insecure.

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