Am I wrong for cutting my sister in law out of my life?

Am I wrong for cutting out my sister in law?
A little back story here, my child is adopted from her, I can’t have children and when she was pregnant with a little girl she couldn’t afford to raise her so my husband and I adopted her, she also has two other kids and one on the way. She’s gotten pregnant in every relationship she’s been in. (I know it’s her body her choice.)
She miscarried after my daughter and she is now expecting this one.
This would be her sixth child. She has two up in heaven and two on earth, well three including my child. I guess I just don’t know how to feel about it. I mean she hardly has her kids since her parents have them most of the time. We are getting a house soon and I don’t know if I want her over there’s some I don’t know animosity. Maybe I just don’t understand it. How would you feel about it? Is this something I should talk to her about? I think I just needed to vent and get it out. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

While I understand not necessarily approving of some of her life choices, I don’t see any reason in the post for cutting her entirely out of your life. How does your husband feel about it?

My husband is pretty okay with it, he wants me to feel comfortable in my own home. But I just can’t understand is why she would have another child when she can’t take care of the two she has.

I don’t get that either, and I have a family member who is in the same situation but continues to keep trying to get pregnant again. However, it’s not my life, it’s hers, and I don’t believe it is a reason to cut a person out of your life.