Am I wrong for feeling this way?

Fan question! (Anonymous pls) Hi, I have a question. So one of my child’s family members has a new partner. I have only met this person a handful of times, but to be honest, I’m not sure I like them too much; one or two things have given me a reason to feel this way. Maybe I’m paranoid, but I won’t want my child being babysat if that person is around because I don’t know them well enough, and I’m not sure I’ll ever know them well enough to trust them around my child, even if my child’s relative is present!! Am I extreme??


Trust your parenting gut!

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Nooo! If your not comfortable, go with your gut… You cant trust anyone anymore.


Trust your instinct always! When it comes to looking out for our kiddos, I always feel it’s better to be safe than sorry.



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Can’t be too careful now a days . Listen to your gut

Uhhh no thats your child

Nope, always better to trust your gut when it comes to things like this

Absolutely not extreme! It only takes seconds for a child to be traumatized for life and it’s our responsibility as parents to try to ensure our child’s safety to the best of our abilities.


I think it depends on who this relative is. If the relative is your child’s mom/dad and they trust them around the child during their allotted time with their child I don’t know if you have much say. If it’s not that, you can find a new sitter.


Nope. You’re allowed to not want strangers around your child.

Always trust your momma instincts

Trust your gut feelings. They normally never lie.

Listen to your little voice. It’s there for a reason and is usually not wrong. Praying your child stays safe.

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You’re feeling this way for a reason. Your gut is trying to tell you something. Always listen to that feeling.

Nope, go with your gut. My children can’t be watched by a certain relative because I don’t know their new partner well enough and don’t think I ever will🤷‍♀️

Always trust instincts! And the way your child reacts around that person or if wants to be around the person

Always trust your gut.

Listen to your intuition , it is God given! You can never be too careful about who is around your child!

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Go with your gut feelings! There must be a reason your feeling that way!