Am I wrong for not letting my boyfriends side of the family see our baby?

My baby is biracial, but my bf family is low-key racist. I’m due in a couple of weeks, and I do not want them to see my daughter when she is born, but my bf is saying that I’m overreacting over this comment his mother made about being afraid the baby’s skin tone gonna be “too dark” but like I said she’s not even born yet, besides being “too dark” is highly offensive and racist.


if theyre toxic, theyre toxic. doesnt matter who they are in the family😒


Fuckkkk thatttttttttttt. Racist is racist


That is unbelievable, the nerve of some ppl!!! Keep that woman away!!!


You are not obligated to let ANYONE see your child. If they’re toxic, they’re toxic. People who make “jokes” like that always have some sort of truth in how they feel coming out in it. No fucking thanks

That is a tough one. But you have a chance to show her that a person’s worth is not within their skin color. Maybe you can change her views and break her ignorance about it.


Wow. I’m sorry you have to go through this. I’m with you, I wouldn’t let them around my baby. When your child gets older and hears those comments she may look at herself as those toxic evil people do


I think racism is disgusting on all levels.
But it absolutely was the norm back in the day.
This baby could be the key to opening their hearts and eyes to more than skin color.
Honestly, it would depend on the future relationship you plan to have with your man.
Coming from experience it’s hard to be in a relationship with someone- wanna marry them and have their kids but expect them to keep their parents separate.
I’m all for cutting off contact.
But I’m all for giving a chance first too.


Is the baby not his?? Why are you dating someone who would want you and your biracial child around his racist ass family?

Your baby could be the whole reason they start seeing differently and changing their heart and you are standing in the way of that.


Is your bf the father? I’m confused. I’m assuming it’s the father that has dark skin?

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I can’t believe that you are ok with that. Wtf??

Two thoughts: I’ve seen racists fall in love with their bi racial grandchildren and it completely opens their eyes to how ignorant they’ve been. But children internalize that racism and it can be really damaging if she ever ever ever says anything like that again in front of her.


Give her the opportunity to meet her grand daughter.

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I love seeing once racist people with their biracial grandkids… Grandkids can change a persons entire way of life and thinking…


I would have been like and I hope your ignorance will change before this baby comes or you may never get the chance to meet them. Do not play those games.


Absolutely not a tough decision, if she can say that to your face imagine what she can say to your baby. I would tell her to stay away and your boyfriend seems ok with the racist disrespect… I would reality check him too!! Your baby will be beautiful


Brown is beautiful , people who are racist it’s like stuck in their genes, they think so wrong …it’s not right. I would be so pissed off. You’re the mother you make the rules. That’s what I do. People hate on me but I could care less, like for example I took my kids out of school because the kids were to mean and racist. So I moved. My children have friends of all different races and colours they’re happy, you gotta do what have too. I’m so happy I moved them

Personally, I’m too nice of a person to not at least give them a chance. I’d give them a chance but as soon as they say or do the smallest shit like that again it’s over, bye.

I think you two should let no one see the baby the first couple of days and just have that time between your little family. I think that you should set ground rules on what guests can say around your baby, who take and post pics, etc… if they do come.That’s just my thoughts I’m not a therapist.