Am I wrong for not wanting my son to be my sisters ring bearer?

So my sister is getting married in February! Yay right? My fiancé and I have an 18 month old (from a previous relationship) and she asked if he could be the ring bearer for her wedding. Am I selfish to say that I want him to do something like that at my wedding first? I have a lot of pressure from my family saying they’ll buy his tuxedo etc and they really want him to be in the wedding, but she only knew the guy 4 months before they got engaged and they had a court wedding before their church one (which isn’t like her at all and she really moved her morals for this guy). I just don’t want our child to be involved in something like that especially when my wedding is close.


Your son, your call. Sounds ridiculous to me, tho. :woman_shrugging:


Nope, he’s your son, you make the decision. I would feel the exact same way. Let him be in YOUR wedding. That’s a very special moment you will always remember


Hahahahaah !! Really selfish much , they are in love let them have the wedding and let the boy be involved people these days


You are the mother. Just say no.


I feel the same way when it came to my son. But I would just let him do it to save the family drama but if for some reason it snowed and the wedding was outside I wouldn’t. I dont like my son outside in the snow.

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Sounds like you just being petty :woman_shrugging:t4:


If you are wanting your son to do that for your own wedding then I’d tell her no if your not okay with him doing it for hers. Your little, your decision. Dont let anyone steal that moment that your wanting to create for your own special day.

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Just let him be in it i don’t see nothing wrong


You don’t want him “apart of something like that” I wonder if your sister knows how judgmental you are about her marriage and life? All I’m gonna say is WOW!


While you have the right to say no, I also don’t see why he can’t also be apart of her wedding. He is her nephew and she would like him to participate in her most important day. I honestly would allow him to do it because it won’t take away anything from him being in your wedding as well.


Perfect example of how families don’t even try to show support or compromise for each other anymore. He doesn’t have to be in it, but stop dragging everything out and making it more drama. Just say no, and move on.


Just don’t even go to her damn wedding since you want to be so judgmental and selfish!

Well he’s your son. Tell her that you want him to be in yours first. Suggests another method for ring bearer. She can use a pet or a friend’s kid instead.

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Wow cuz they got married in a court house that means she’s unworthy?! You sound selfish


I mean really what difference does it actually make? Why can’t he be in both? She clearly loves your son and wants him to be a part of her special day as well. You should be honored.

Him being in her wedding won’t take away him being in yours. You’re just being really petty


If you don’t support the wedding then don’t go, but idk what your wedding has to do with hers. If anything, free tuxedo for your wedding.


This is tuff. If you stand your ground they’ll resent you. Is you having it firsti instead of having it too worth the negative vibes that are going to be swirling around. Only you know the answer. :two_hearts:

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Seems pretty to me. :woman_facepalming:


Let him do it, it’s like practice for yours.