Am I wrong for thinking my husband should be spending more time at home?

My husband works during the week with his brother, uncle and mom. He sees them sometimes all day, five days a week. Other days it’s just off an on. He comes home and plays games, looks at adult Material while pretending he’s not, and watches shows on tv, usually by himself. He refuses to spend any quality time with me or his baby or step kids in the evenings. He seems to shut us out and become frustrated if we bother him. On weekends he has started going out at least one day, if not both days or evenings, he’s supposedly going to his brother’s house or to meet his brother at a restaurant to watch a game, sometimes it’s his uncle or mom as the excuse, or golfing with his brother. The same people he sees all week long. I get no one on one time, no real help with the kids, no nice adult conversation, he doesn’t have sex with me except maybe five times broken up thru each year. I’ve tried to point out that he should be saving weekends for the family he has made as an adult, not leaving us for his other family any and every chance he gets. We aren’t invited to these get-togethers. I’ve fought with him about that aspect over and over. I think it’s incredibly rude for his family and him to exclude me. I think he should either take us or mostly just not go. It’s not fair to me, his year old or his step kids. Am I crazy for thinking he should be watching these games at home with his kids and wife, except maybe on occasion? His brother always has his partner with him and usually his kids, so it’s crazy for my husband, to leave all three of his kids and his pregnant wife to go be with them every weekend. Am I wrong here? Or is he disrespectful and his brother for always doing things to take him away from his family and purposefully not invite us?


Throw the whole husband away


He’s probably cheating


Yeahhhh he needs to go ! He obviously has no interest in being a family man !!!


Your husband is a piece of crap and probably cheating.


Throw out the entire man


& it sounds like he’s cheating !!!


He has a choice I wouldnt blame the family sounds like he isnt to invested to be like that he really dosent seem to give a fuck dosent sound like a good relationship at all and you dont sound happy,it sounds like something is going on probs using family as an excuse get your ducks in a row save as much as you can and get rid of that piece of shit really sounds like a heartless prick

Yea time to leave already doing it yourself


Cheating or gay with his brother


Leave. If you mattered to him, this wouldn’t be an issue. It isn’t fair to you or the kids.


You deserve a partner and parent who is involved. Period.


What a hard choice you are going to make, stay with him and put up with his rude family that doesn’t have any respect for you and live a lonely life or leave him and find someone that enjoys your company and your kids and be a real family


It sounds like he’s cheating in my opinion


You already know that you should just tell him to move out. He should just stay at his mamas house


He is cheating and his family knows it and is covering for it . Been there get away as fast as you can before they make you think you’re crazy


How could you let yourself get pregnant again? Seems like you already knew he was a lousy father. I hope you have a job. Get your ducks in a row.


He would be living with them not me and if hes got kids he would take care of them the one yall have together he would get visiting rights and nomore than that

He sounds like a piece of shit , I hope things get better or you find someone who treats you like a queen because damn girl you deserve it!

Id put my foot down tell him starting right now you are going to spend some time with me and the kids or you gotta go.

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