Am I wrong for wanting to meet my exes girlfriend?

Why does it matter what he does with the kids as long as they come home happy and healthy

If you were hiring her as a babysitter, (which apparently he uses her as) you’d meet her first.
So why would he think you don’t need to? Pfft.

This girlfriend is a stranger to you! She should NOT have permission to be picking up your kids from daycare!!!

I wouldn’t agree to leaving them with anyone that you don’t know. It’s called sacrifice.

if my child were at day care no one i didn’t know or hadnt meet would definitely not be pickeing up my baby.

I would want to meet my exes friend. I don’t want just anyone around my grands are children. My grandmother’s rules.

I would definitely meet someone spending that much time with my children

If he does take you to court make sure to have proof of the fact that he isnt spending time with the kids

You have every rite to meet who your child is spending time with!!

Why doesn’t he want u her would be my question

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I don’t think he can dictate who is on the pick up list…it can be just you and him.

Not wrong but legally you have no right. I’ve done this merry go round in court. It sucks.

Since from what i read there is no harm done to the kids then let him handle his home his way. Put her on and mommy on at your house.

Just stop by the house while he is at work or even at home

Don’t give her authorization to pick them up. That’s a disaster waiting to happen.

You should know everyone that comes in contact with your children

You have right of first refusal if he’s working.

You need to meet this woman. You are doing everything right, don’t let him guilt trip you into anything. Be a pain in his ass if need be.

You should 100% meet her I wudnt allow it if didnt know her

The number one child abuser is the significant other of a bio parent. No way in hell.