Am I wrong to be mad at my husband for drinking so late?

I got mad at my husband for drinking until 3:30 am last night. He was supposed to be on baby duty at 6 am when I left for work. We have a four-month-old. I got mad and called off work because I didn’t feel comfortable leaving him in charge. When he drinks, he sleeps a lot, and it’s hard to wake him up. Am I wrong to get mad?

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No you’re not wrong to get mad and if he can’t not drink and fulfill HIS parental duties then I would have a serious talk

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I would be annoyed if I was you. My boyfriend can function well on little sleep so if he was sober when he woke up I would be fine. But I think you’re justified!

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That’s irresponsible on his part & you have every right to be angry. Maybe he knows you’ll take care of the situation (like you did) so he only worries about what he wants to do and not the repercussions. He needs to learn from this mistake though or he will continue to push his boundaries.

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Definitely not wrong to be mad. You would die if anything happened to your baby and you hadn’t done something to stop it. All that matters is your baby.

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Nope. Just one of the many reasons I got a divorce. Wait til he does it when the baby has a 103 fever…he was a lot of help that morning after drinking until 4 a.m. Lol.

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Nah girl you have every right to be mad

Definitely not wrong to be mad. Hell…id be pissed off!!

Get rid of him.Willo only get worse


I’d be madd too!!! He knew wtf he was doing!

No your right to be mad.

Yes you should be mad. He is in no position go take care of a baby at that point. I’d give him the boot to the curb. Seeeeee ya!

This would set me off!

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You’re wrong to put up with it.


I would be upset as well, if you’re going to be responsible for a child especially early in the morning you shouldn’t be drinking until 3 hours before baby duty starts.


No, you’re right. He shouldn’t be doing all that. He knows better but seems to not care!

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No you are not wrong he is

No that totally okay to be mad at. You were depending on him and he knew that. He chose to get drunk anyways

That’s very irresponsible behaviour from him and you have every right to be pissed off and not trust him to take care of your 4 month old! Awful behaviour… Baby comes first :heart:

Not wrong at all he is very irresponsible for doing that.