Am I wrong to be upset that my dad didn't ask my son to hang out?

I think I need some advice, please. So I have a nearly eight-year-old son, and he loves his grandfather(my dad) so much. My dad’s girlfriend has her niece and nephew up for the week; they are 6 and 4 years old. They are sooo cute! Anywho my son and I were at their house yesterday, and I was out of the room when I heard my dads gf ask her niece and nephew if they wanted to go to Rainbows end(that’s a theme park in Nz); I was a little annoyed cause she said it in front of son, and she knows my son loves this place. So then it’s the next day(today), and my son decided to call them to ask if he could go see them and them at Rainbows end. My son was a little upset that his grandfather(my dad) didn’t ask him if he wanted to go. Also though these kids have never been to this place(I feel like that should be mentioned). My question is…Am I right to be annoyed at my dad for not asking if his grandson wanted to go OR am I being ridiculous??? Please, no nastiness, just advice. Thanks heaps.


I think it’s fine to be annoyed. It would have been different if she didn’t ask right in front of your son. But since she did she should have included him. Or asked the other two at another time.

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She’s an adult who knows better…should’ve definitely asked at a different time or included your son. Did your dad end up taking him? If so I’d just let it be known how it made him feel and hopefully it doesn’t happen again.

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Not very nice to do !!!

I think you’re right to be annoyed that she asked in front of your son but not that they’re taking her niece and nephew without him. How they spend there money is up to them and maybe your dad isn’t paying for them or not going…not to mention there’s only 2 of them to handle a 7,6 and 4 year old in a theme park by themselves. That’s a lot to handle for anyone. Maybe they only wanted 2 kids because there’s only 2 adults that will be there. I would say something to your dad and his girlfriend about not mentioning stuff like that in front of your son if they have no intention of taking him.

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no child should be left out…you are all family and all kids should of been taken…you are 100% right to be be hurt and upset…

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Sure she could of not asked in front of your child, but it happen and she wasn’t thinking probably.
I dont feel that they had to invite your child.
Things like this is when you put on your parenting pants and just explain to your child maybe next time they could all go, this time they are spending time with the other children.


The girlfriend apparently doesn’t think! Maybe a little selfish.

I’d be annoyed to but maybe they had a good reason.

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Possibly explain to your son that just like he values his time with your dad they do as well and sometimes it’s hard to share attention between there kids and he wanted to introduce them to an awesome place and maybe when it’s not their first time help take all of you. Then pull your dad aside and say hey I’d you’re going to do things with them great but you don’t ask in front of another kid.

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She probably shouldn’t have said it in front of your kid, but i think you’re wrong to be annoyed . She asked her niece and nephew, she wants to spend time with just her niece and nephew and there’s nothing wrong with that. I don’t think your child should be included for this particular trip there, especially since it wasn’t even your father asking them it was her asking them so it’s basically from her to her niece and nephew. Now if it keeps happening then yeah but i think she just wants to spend some time with them and just them before they go back home, nothing wrong with that.

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I don’t know what your relationship is with your dad’s gf but either she just doesn’t think before she speaks or did it do be a jerk. You should explain to your dad how it made you feel for your son but also if your dad didn’t invite him I wouldn’t push your son on them :woman_shrugging:t2: maybe there is more to the story with finances or maybe 3 kids is too much. Or just talk to them both and say you’d appreciate it if they keep their plans to themselves if everyone isn’t going to be included for future reference. Only to avoid upsetting another child, person ect.

I’m sorry you feel this way and yes her approach sucked and I know I’m going to get burned for this… but…sometimes life just sucks. Not everyone is going to be nice and consider your child’s feelings about being included. It’s okay not to invite him. It’s okay for him to upset about it. But, he needs to learn that he can’t always go everywhere just because he likes the place. Maybe make plans for another time but dont be upset they wanted their family time with just the 4 of them alone. She could have waited but she was just being rude.

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Well you’re right but i think you should learn how to control anger and frustration most times to avoid loosing respect,love,care and value …i pray for Grace and forgiveness unto you and everyone too may God continue to shower his blessings on us :100::100:

I would just tell my dad that your son felt left out and ask that they be more considerate next time.

Yeah I’d be annoyed. I wouldn’t be annoyed if they took them and my son didn’t know. I think it’s really just bad manners to invite kids somewhere cool in front of other kids that you aren’t inviting. And yeah - I’d say something. But I’d have to calm my ass down first because I get all sorts of bothered when my kids’ feelings get hurt. :rofl::rofl:

I wd be upset to . :cry:

I’ve been through that. It hurts. I think you’re absolutely right to be annoyed and hurt

You are ridiculous. Allow them to spend time with the other 2 kids.

They definitely shouldn’t have mentioned that in front of him. Its ok to do things individually with kids but they shouldn’t have said a word in front of him if they didn’t plan to take him along