Any idea on what could be going on with my son?

Hi, can you post this anonymously, please? My son is one and has been having spit up issues after every sippy cup, and after everything, he eats, and he has 5 or more poopy diapers a day. He is lactose and has a protein allergy to milk and has been diagnosed with acid reflux and failure to thrive. The spit-up stopped for a while when we got him on the right formula, but now that is on regular food and silk milk, he is spitting up and having tons of acidic dirty diapers. Any advice or thoughts on whats going on? I’m really worried.


take him to the doctor it could be the silk milk or anything in his diet

You can try donor breastmilk!

You answered your own question. He has all of these issues and now a diet change. Get him into the specialist asap.


He needs to be on elecare Jr. He hasn’t outgrown his MSPI. My son was on elecare at 4 months old and switched to Jr after 1. Stayed on that till 17 months

Bi been him to a dermatologist Get a allergy test done he might be allergic to citrus fruits too. Also have they checked his esophagus to see if it’s not a problem there?

Go to a doctor…not fb.

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Take him back to his doctor… He could just have issues with something in his diet or more serious issues

Really, a Dr needs to diagnose. I’m not qualified to give medical advice.

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I would take him to a GI dr and not just regular pediatrician.

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Try stopping the silk milk for a little bit n see how he does

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I hate how rude women can be. I’m so sorry about the responses you’ve received, sounds like you were just wondering if anyone had similar experiences and what they did. First off you’re doing great momma. Secondly my daughter had what’s referred to as “trachea Malaysia” probably spelling it wrong lol… but everything she drank had to be thickened to honey texture. She would aspirate on anything else. Finally the flow could be affecting him. My daughter also had acid reflux and we kept her sitting up for 30 minutes after each feed, I’m sure that’s something you’ve tried. I would suggest talking to a gastrointestinal regarding obtaining a swallow study. That’s how my daughter was diagnosed. Good luck momma !! You got this :slightly_smiling_face:


I agree with Marty. Our son was having similar issues when he was a baby and the diagnosis is something called EOE - Eosinophilic Esophagitis. Allergic reaction to most food. After about 5 biopsies of his throat, he is now on a steroid puffer and thriving.

Try lactose free milk. Worked for my grandaughter

Lactose free milk for sure. My son was a year old & would throw up whole milk & had GERD.

Besides getting into your pediatrician, I’d be keeping a journal/log of exactly what hes eating, how much, and the end result. ( normal bm or this acidic bm you describe) Also, I’d start from scratch with his diet. Plain things as tolerated and introduce back different foods maybe that will help pinpoint what in the diet may be the problem.

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All these people telling her that she should go to a doctor or they’re not qualified to give medical advice :joy::joy::joy::joy: DON’T COMMENT KAREN!!! She wants other mom reassurances of what to do and if another mom has gone through this what they would do. If you have nothing nice to say, stay the hell off of people’s posts. Damn.

I would check what the ingredients are in the silk milk. Many of your milk substitutes have chemicals in them like carageen which is a known inflamitory & can make many people ill. I would also consult my pediatrician and maybe see a specialist. Good luck!!

Mine had a lactose allergy and acid reflux; after turning one the doctor wanted me to try every kind of milk under the sun. I just decided “screw that!” I just gave him what I drink (2%) and at first it didn’t agree with him so I’d only give it to him a few times a month. He’s two now and he will drink milk whenever he wants with no problem. Your little man just may be having trouble adjusting; maybe try a different sippy or slowly transition to real food.

Chiropractor has done wonders for us she quit spitting up completely after 3 appointment