Any ideas for chafing down below while pregnant?

Moms, I’m 34w pregnant and I’m having a hard time staying dry down there and my thighs have been chafing and hurting like crazy (sometimes even blistering). I put a&d on it but its only a temporary relief. Any suggestions for me would be greatly appreciated!


Coconut oil works great

i had to get nyastatin form my doctor & use a blow dryer 4 times a day on the area. she said the forced air will help

Corn starch or baby powder

I use baby powder and deodorant

Baby powder or corn starch

use corn starch on your thighs

Put some pads or pantyliners inside your pants where your thighs chafe and you have a long shirt to cover it.

I’d use zinc base cream


Gold Bond Extra Strength Menthol…I had the exact same probably with my thighs and my under boob. This stings so bad for like 3-5 minutes but after that it’s fine :slightly_smiling_face:

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Monistat sells cream for it at walmart in the ladies section


I used corn starch…

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Alternate oil and powder

Diaper rash ointment

I use deodorant & it works amazingly!

Use a powder, cornstarch or talcum powder. Creams are going to keep it moist and keep them chaffing

try Gold Bond powder

Zinc oxide ointment because it doesn’t melt away or sweat off, then dusted with powder.

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Deodorant first then put cornstarch baby powder on top. Works like a dream

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Deodorant or baby powder. I’ve used both, both work great.