Any ideas to help with severe morning sickness?

I need some help!! I am pregnant with baby number 2 and morning sickness is really getting to me. I’m only 7 weeks pregnant and with my first one my morning sickness was so bad I lost 10lbs. I don’t want to go through that again. I have tried Ginger ale, peppermints, benedryl, bland diet, crackers, constantly having food in my stomach and it doesn’t help with nausea. Anyone have any old wives tales of what has worked for morning sickness. Help a momma out!!!


I had to have a special shot

These got me thru my 2nd pregnancy. I had morning sickness all 9 months

Honey I had the worst morning sickness through three pregnancy day in and out. I tried Everything you could buy over the counter. The most relief I got was from watermelon throughout the day and frozen vitamin water and Gatorade ice cubes at night or as needed. Pretzels were better to me than crackers. Anything greasy or that takes to long to digest always made me puke. Small portions and also waiting till my food was cold would help. Nothing made it go away but these things gave me a little relief. Good luck I do not miss those days at all lol. Also if you’ve been offered diclectin it’s a myth google the news story lol what a disappointment that was. Sea sickness wristbands were slightly helpful to

See if you can get reglan or zolfran from your doc… thats the only thing that got me through


Talk to your doctor asap

See your GP, Maxolon is safe to take in pregnancy and is better than constantly being nauseous.

Preggy pops, found at Walmart in the baby section. They lessen symptoms for some people. Or a swig of pickle juice.

Preggo pops, they usually have them at a maternity store

Stay away from pharmaceuticals. Try supplementing a good magnesium powder in water.
Perhaps CALM by Natural Vitality.

I ate bananas before I got out bed, my sisters-in-law had the really bad nausea n they gave her a Rx n sniffing alcohol wipes(I know it sounds crazy)

Zofran if youre not allergic.

I had it.I ate a cracker before I got out of bed in mornimg.I had white bread in after noon and dinner.It settled my stomach.

Keeping something dry in your stomach is better than wet. Popcorn, dry cereal, crackers. If you are out and about and feel a bout coming on you can keep a couple of cotton balls in a baggie with a little rubbing alcohol on them. Take a little smell of one. It can shut it down for a short time. You can not walk around smelling alcohol all day, just as a don’t want to puke in the line at the store or driving down the road situation. And clear that idea with your doctor as well as any other ideas. I worked for a OB/GYN and this is some things we told patients. But there is prescription medications that may help you, just talk to your doctor. Good luck and congratulations!

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Try a teaspoon of lemon juice. It sounds strange but it works

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Get a can of fruit in heavy syrup (I suggest peaches, it’s what I’ve always used). Take a tablespoon of just the syrup every 15 minutes for an hour. If you get sick in between that hour, restart. This is a tip a nurse gave me while I was pregnant the first time. It literally was a life saver for all 3 pregnancies and any time my husband or I have had the stomach flu. My husband thought I was crazy the first time he got sick around me and was throwing up so often he started throwing up stomach acid and blood… He finally tried the peach syrup and literally didn’t get sick anymore. Feel free to pass this on cause a lot of people seem to be sick right now, it could help them a lot!

Ginger snap cookies. I ga then on my night stand gate a couple of then before I got up in the morning

Lemon water was the only thing that helped me at all

I had it so bad. Threw up all day and night. Was at the er once a week for dehydration. Was told only 3% of women get it so severely. I was told to stay out of a certain lighting (now I can’t remember), try to eat something first thing in the morning (never stayed down) and avoid riding in the car if I could lol. It was torture I swear. But my father suggested “coke syrup” like the syrup they use for soda pop. I baught it at the pharmacy. Not sure if they still sell it there but it did offer a little relief. Unfortunately I think morning sickness is just something we have to endure. But it sure can be a horrible experience.

Lemon water helps mine when I sip it slowly. I just have nausea right now but worth a shot