Any other mamas find women attractive?

Please post anonymously; any other mommas married with kids and also find some women attractive? I love my husband like crazy; I find him extremely attractive. But I’ve always fancied women as well, just too afraid to say anything.


I find women beautiful, I’m married and if I’m with my husband and I see a women that happens to have great eyes or a smile or a butt 🤷 I say it to him. I don’t see anything wrong with it!!! It’s admiring beauty :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It’s called bi-curious and it’s completely OK, talk to your hubby about it, don’t be scared to be you baby! Happily settled with my man and 2 kids and I have always loved the ladies too, as long as there is no lying and stepping out of boundaries it’s all good. :heart:

I find women incredibly attractive, I’m just not sexually attracted to them.


Its completely natural…you cant see yourself through someone else’s eyes. Your idea of beauty/attraction is a reflection of yourself. A womans body is beautiful along with all that our body can endure. Attraction has nothing to do with intimacy. I can love my husband and be attracted to him and also be intimate…and the same for women. Its how you choose to go about it. Don’t down yourself for feeling attracted to women. Sometimes you have to explore to see…

I feel like it’s natural… we may see what we love most about our very own mothers in the women we feel like that towards

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We naturally have things we perceive as attractive/beautiful. It’s okay to see another woman as beautiful or attractive. And that can be separate and completely different from finding another woman sexually attractive…just because you find someone attractive doesn’t mean you have sexual desire for them…some do have that as well…and thats fine too…only time attraction is an issue is when we have an “intent to act on our desire” while in a committed relationship with someone else.


I believe that’s call bi or bicurious sweet and yes it’s a thing just like some men find other men attractive as well…


It is totally normal to be attracted to women. I have been with my man for 11 years and he knows how I feel. Honesty is the key to any relationship for any situation. If strip clubs are open in your state I suggest to go to a few. Find one with good food and drinks. Both of us have a blast going to clubs. He loves to sit back and watch while I get drunk and flirt lol :laughing: and once in a while we will get a lap dance together.

Appreciation is different from what your mind is pushing you to insinuate here…

Who cares and u announced it on SM…?

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I’m happily married with kids … I also have a girlfriend (she is also married … Both husbands are supportive and encouraging )


I’m sure you could twist his rubber arm into a lil menage :smirk:

Im married and i see some really beautiful woman makes me think if i could ever be with one i say yes but like i said im very happy with my husband :grin:

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:raising_hand_woman: hi there! I love my husband but love women too!! Its completely normal. Tell him, id bet you’d be surprised that he would enjoy it too :wink:

There is nothing wrong with appreciating the beauty in everyone.


Welcome to the bi world darling.

I’ve told my husband. He knows. :woman_shrugging:t3: I tell him his will be the last D I ever have. :rofl:


I’m happily married and always felt an attraction to women. My husband knows of my attraction.


when my spouse came out as trans to me I was so happy. I’m a bi woman and long as you communicate and stuff with your husband, who cares?!

Came here to say pretty much the same general consensus…Communication! I didn’t know i liked girls for a long time. My husband just wants me to be happy and me him. We haven’t explored it a whole lot but what we have was fun and is for sure helping me figure it out. He says often that he doesn’t have to be involved either. But really all those things come out during communication so you guys can figure out your desires, feelings, wants and needs. I liked all 3 personally though🤷‍♀️