Any other mamas have kidney stones while pregnant?

Can you make a post asking, “Have any other expecting mommas had kidney stones during pregnancy? I had one a few weeks ago and was in unbearable pain and hospitalized for three days until it passed. Through imaging, they saw I had another one stuck up high in my kidney. Well, I have had constant back pain and pain in my side for the past two days and unable to sleep. They sent me home with pain medication as well as a medication to dilate my ureters to help pass the other stone if needed. I don’t know if I should go into the hospital since I am 36 weeks pregnant or try to deal at home since they sent me home with the necessary medications. Any advice/ personal experience with this?”


If people are supposed to deal with medical things at home like some of these sorry hospitals and doctors then we don’t need them things like these piss me off go to hospital and demand they help you they ain’t making big money to have an empty hospital/rooms

If you are in pain and it is unbearable go back to the hospital

I’m so sorry this is a horrible situation…bu if you are in extreme pain and the meds they gave you arent helping,you should go back to the hospital…because at this point you don’t know if it’s possible labor pains or from the stones

Drink lemon water! The acid will break up the stone to pass easier!

The first kidney stone I had was 2 days after my daughter was born exactly 31 years ago I thought I was having another baby the day after and they found the kidney stone. I’ve had them ever since I’m having horrible ones right now. You get used to them hopefully you don’t have this problem with diet change but my body makes too much calcium by itself so I will always suffer. Good luck I hope you feel better

If you have someone able have them tap your kidneys with your hands in your back kind of like a small punches It knocks them loose

I didn’t have stones but had massive and persistent infections the last trimester of one of my pregnancies. I would say go to the hospital if its that bad. There r things that they can do for u in a hospital setting that they cant do when ur at home.

Not making fun of your pain, but, funny story. My sister was around 8mo. pregnant with serious kidney stone pain. Had to stop at nearest hospital. When she walked in, bent over, the staff freaked out because they didn’t have a labor and delivery department.

yes go to the hospital just had a friend that’s pregnant with twins and she ended up with a cyst on her ovaries

Hospital so you dont become septic

Lemon water and apple cider vinegar i have heard helps.

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I had kidney stones with my first baby and with my twins I had kidney problems. With my first i thought i was dealing with kidney pain but turns out it was back labor, my water broke that night. With my twins i was hospitalized for 5 days at 35weeks 2 days and had a csection at 36 weeks as my kidneys had to much fluid building up. I would go in honestly. Or at very least call your practitioner.

Yes, I had one move at 7 months that also put me into labor. They managed to get my labor stopped and I finally passed the stone. They gave me Brethine to stop my labor and Phenobarbital to ease the extreme tremors caused by the Brethine. Not sure which one but I’m relatively certain they caused the sleeping, feeding, and activity level problems in my daughter. She wanted to eat every two hours for months because she wouldn’t sleep any longer than a couple of hours at a stretch and she moved her arms, legs, and head in jerky movements constantly for about 3 months. She grew out of most of it (she’s 31 now) but she still sleeps on odd schedules and is still so hyperactive she moves even while sitting down (bouncing leg, wiggling in her seat, etc.). If there is another stone, you can probably bet the baby kicking and moving is going to knock it loose, too. I would let your OB know how your feeling or, if you start having the same pain as before, get to the hospital. If nothing else, the hospital can give you something for that unbearable pain and monitor you for labor onset.

Cucumber juice helps break up stones. Green juice with cucumbers

Kidney stones can block the passage of urine. If it was anywhere over 5 mm you should go back. I have called the hospital that I have went to with kidney stones and asked them to tell me the size. This allowed me to make the choice to pass it at home or not

I had kidney stones and gallstones had my gallbladder out 2 weeks after I gave birth !

My doctor told me to drink homemade lemonade .it suppose to help shrink the stones

I was hospitalized with a kidney stone stuck in between my kidney and my bladder at 23 weeks. I never ended up passing it but they told me that you can have them for months or even years and you only feel them when they actually start to move. I have had soreness in the same area since and always panic that the pain is going to come back because that is the worst pain I’ve ever experienced. I’m now 36 weeks and haven’t experienced the full pain again, but they said if I did to go back so they can put me back on the pain drip and flush my system again to try to pass it.

I literally just had this happen!! I was in the hospital the last 3 days in June!! I’m 34 weeks. They were going to give me surgery and put a stent in my urinate tract because I never passed the stone but since it moved to my bladder and I went 24 hours without pain I convinced my doctor to let me go home! Urologist said that the stent would of had to be in until I had my baby girl and then have it removed and have surgery to remove the other stones!! The hospital had me on a pain medication pump while I was in there. I wouldn’t have went if I wasn’t in excruciating pain! Good luck mamas.