Any other mama's scared to give birth during the pandemic?

Is there any other mommy terrified to give birth during this pandemic? I have a section in November, and I’m so scared I’ll have to do it alone without my husband. What are the regulations in your state like? Tell me your experiences or your worries

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Your husband is allowed in. By November, I’m sure you’ll be fine regardless. They are allowing visitors now at our hospital in NY so depending on where you are, I’m sure you’ll be allowed visitors during the specified times.

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A lot of people I know are having home birth’s because of that and then if they need the hospital then they go to the hospital.

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I have a section July 27th and am a little more at ease with how things are going.

I’m due in November and only worried about being almost 10 years older since the last time I did this​:rofl: I’m by nature not a worrier though… what’s gonna happen will happen… my husband has been allowed at appointments and as long as I have him at the birth I’ll be all good :slight_smile: not big on visitors at the hospital afterwards anyway so it works in my favor.

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I am due November 18th. Where i am at this time currently your spouse is allowed to the delivery but they have to wear a mask. Im sure by November they will be lifting more restrictions with the way things are going.

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A partner or support person are considered essential in my town, not sure about the bigger cities here in CO though. I try to keep my worry to a minimal as I’m already a stressed person but there aren’t nearly as many cases here as other places, I just hope the hospital staff that I’ll be dealing with are taking it seriously outside of work. I’m due any day.

I had a baby 8weeks ago when the virus was at its peak, uk honestly it was fine your to busy being in labour to think about it😅

I’m not really worried, hospitals are taking extra precautions. I’m in Orange County California , I have a c section scheduled for August 11th and right now it’s only a support person in the room with you and they have to stay with you , once they leave they can’t come back in ! So far no visitors !

i had my baby march 21st! everything went great!

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Try not to be scared. I had my son in April and his dad was allowed to be with me the whole time and we’re in Columbus Ohio. The only difference was after I had him there was minimal contact with doctors and nurses and I was able to leave exactly 24 hours after I gave birth. The other major difference was we had to wear masks. I had to wear one while giving birth and my fiance had to wear one the entire time a nurse or doctor was in the room but I was allowed to take mine off except for laboring and pushing

I know I am super nervous about what’s going to happen, I’m due in August and as of right now I can have one person in the room with me but cases have spiked so much recently here in California I’m not sure if that will change or not…

Work in a hospital there allowed nowm

Im in Australia and our local hospital now allows 2 visitors. I had my csection on April 8 and was only allowed 1 support person and could only see my other kids through video call. I got out as early as I could to have my family together (was in 3 nights) but unfortunately pain management was a bit more difficult this time and I wish I could have spent more time in hospital

I just had a scheduled csection on Tuesday and it was fine. I had to have a Covid 19 test the day before. They only allowed my husband in and just screened him like everyone else at the entrance. It was not bad at all. Im in Arkansas

I gave birth end of May

I’m due in August & I’m having twins so I’m with you on being scared & nervous! :disappointed_relieved:

And hubby was allowed to stay the whole time…and was allowed to stay after the birth also… Don’t worry

I’m having a c section this Monday. I live in Alabama.
My husband is allowed to be there but no one else and they said they don’t want him leaving but if he has to he can and come back as long as it is before closing time.
I also had to be tested for covid yesterday however my husband doesn’t have to be. As far as baby I will not be allowing visitors for a few after we bring him home because the number of cases in Alabama have risen rather quickly in last couple weeks

I gave birth may 9th. It was deff so different than my last pregnancy. Being tested for covid was absolutely dreadful however I was negative
… just a way diff experience than my first