Any other stay at home moms not get a break?

Am I alone? Am I the only SAHM that never gets a break?? My son is 14 months old. And aside from the first 5 weeks of his life, it’s been me taking care of him. I had major PPA/PPD for the first year, so I was super protective of him, but I knew I needed breaks. I tried to run to the store alone every once in a while, but it was only for like 20 min or so. Aside from that, I’m never away from him. I’ve had this talk with my husband that I need breaks too. An hour or 2 to myself every once in a while. Or just give me time to take a decent shower. Or something. I’m used to not sleeping… my son is still breastfed and wakes once or twice a night for the boob, which is fine. I’m just getting burnt out by only being a mom. Am I alone?


You are not alone <3

You are not alone I am a SAHM to two girls 2&1 me and my abusive ex split up over a year ago now, and I NEVER have a break. Its exhausting. I also suffered with PPD after my first and second. It is so hard not having a break its draining and it’s hard to ‘palm’ them off as you get so much guilt about it.
I’ve had 3 nights away and 3 days away from my first her whole life just because I was in hospital with my second. My one year old has never spent the night away it’s so overwhelming but you’re most definitely not alone I feel you xx