Any tips and methods to weaning a 2 1/2 year old?

My son was exclusively breastfed since birth. He drinks regular milk, juice, water etc. but he needs to be breastfed to go to sleep. Nap and nighttime.


Try giving him a container with milk in it and still hold him when he drinks it. That’s maybe what he wants is that closeness.
This worked for me.

With my son. I only nursed him at night because he always got up once during the night. But once he was a year he drank regular milk. I totally stopped the night time nurse at 15 months. He is 19 years old now and is 6 feet 5 inches. He was my first baby with my daughter I stopped completely at a year. It’s tough for a couple days but dont give in to them.

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I had same problem with mine as he was using me for comfort. I worked with our wonderful pediatrician and weaned him cold turkey. Some sleep training and patience.

He wants mommy time. It’s more about that intimate time he get with just you. Have dad do bed time for a bit with a drink if he is hungry. It is hard but they get it eventually.

It might help letting someone else give him a sippy cup and put him down for bed on the nights you don’t breastfeed to sleep. Makes the transition easier if the person didn’t smell like food.


It is a comfort to him. Unless there is something you did not include, there is nothing wrong with this. It gives you a moment of quiet to spend with him. You are doing everything right. Relax and enjoy.

I’m currently doing that with my almost 2 year old. I’ve started giving him a sippy of water and let him nurse before bed only, currently he nurses before bed 3-4 nights of the week. Just slowly wean by breaking it up… some nights he wants to nurse and other nights he doesn’t… he’s learning. Yours will too. And it’ll also help with drying up, I produce less and less and it’s not painful for me.

Honestly, I had this same problem with a few of my children. It’s rough the first few days and nights, but eventually they will figure it out that they can have a cup to drink if they get thirsty. It seems like an impossible habit to break right now, but after those first couple of times handing them a cup, they move on happily

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Cold turkey is how I did it. It might sound mean but taking the bottle away and they didn’t see it anymore was such an easy transition. Out of sight out of mind

Try not breastfeeding 1nite at first then increase it gradually
Buy a nitetime water bottle with his favorite character and let him use it

My son was the same. I had to have his dad rock him for a few days and when I went back to rocking him I just told him the milk was all gone. It took a week or so and he was not happy but he caught on.

Any kind of training needs effort on the part of the trainer. If you don’t wish to continue breast feeding, then you must just explain that he is a “Big Boy” now and will need to drink from a cup like the rest of the “Big” people. Of course, there will be resistance. That is what training is all about.

Have you tried getting him to drink breast milk from a bottle? Then after he does that mix your milk with something so he weans off your milk.

I reduced number of times til I was down to nightine n then it was cold turkey n he was 21 months.

Wrap your chest in an ace bandage and tell him you have a boo boo and cant any more. He will understand that.

Too old to be breastfeeding.

From an old grandma 64 … nurse him as long as you and he want … so wish I could go back I wouldn’t worry about what other Mothers say … At least until he’s 3 years :heart: good luck :hugs:


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My 2 and half year old still was drinking milk from a bottle. She needed it for napping and bedtime also if she wokeup at night. I decided one day that enough is enough no more bottle!! Just be firm and so no more breast. And dont give in!! Be prepared for screaming and crying but it will pass!! Good luck and be patient and firm!!