Anyone else buy themselves Christmas gifts?

Anyone thinking about getting themselves something for Christmas? I never have, but I think I’m going to this year. I’m pretty distant with family and don’t have close friends like that, and my SO doesn’t really do anything, so I think just to make myself happy and give myself some a mental health boost, I’m gonna put myself on the list and try to spoil my own ass lol… thinking foot massager maybe? Anyone else?


I do. Birthday also.

I always get myself a gift, since there is no one to get me one.

Do whatever makes you happy!!

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Of course I buy myself gifts

Always treat yourself!

why not? My husband and I stopped getting each other anything, instead we usually decide on something special to do together–might have to wait this year because of the pandemic.

I do! Go right ahead and treat yourself. At least you know you will be getting something you want

We work hard for our money!! I say enjoy it!!! Treat yo self girl!!

I buy myself gifts every year, otherwise I get golf balls… I don’t golf.

Do it girl! We deserve to spoil ourselves sometimes!

I buy myself stuff every year and wrap it and put it under the tree haha if I had to rely on my husband I would be getting a new kitchen appliance every year and which I do enjoy a kitchen appliance once in awhile I prefer my method haha

I always do, no one knows what you want better than yourself lol I don’t get anything super lavish, maybe a new outfit from TJ Maxxx or Target (instead of thrift stores) and I ALWAYS get myself a magazine subscription for my Kindle Fire, they’re cheaper at the holidays and it’s like a new gift every month!

I go shopping with my sister … lol she puts stuff in my cart for herself and i put stuff in her cart for me. had always worked for us ahha

Hell yea treat yourself without a doubt, self love/care is 100% well worth it plus u are also getting something u really wanted/ needed… enjoy ur foot massager :grinning: xxx life. :blush: Defintley gift yourself. you deserve it.

Omf. Yes. I usually grab a couple things when I’m out shopping :sweat_smile:

I buy myself presents all the time. Or I pick tven out and my husband goes and gets them

Everyone deserves a " me " day. I always have to buy presents for myself since my " adopted " family have their own family stuff to do & as for my MiniMe don’t get me started lol

I do! I always have because I can’t help myself when I see a good deal around the holidays! So usually I wrap it, put it under the tree, and address it to me from either my cats or my son LOL!