Anyone else have a child who doesn't sleep at night?

Anyone else struggling with a baby who literally doesn’t sleep at night?! My little guy will be one month in 3 days. He literally is up all night long fussing. I feed him, give him a pacifier, swaddle him, clean his diaper, rock, bounce. Idk what I’m gonna do when I have to go back to work!


Try white noise it’s unbelievable

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Self soothe it’s hard but well worth it in the end.

Around the 3-month mark, your baby will start to sleep for longer stretches at night – which means you’ll also get a little more sleep than before. Baby sleep rhythms begin to develop at around 6 weeks, and most babies are developmentally capable of regular sleep-wake cycles by 3 to 6 months.

It sounds like your baby has its days and nights mixed up. My daughter did this…


Short or no naps during the day and a set bedtime routine. In bed at the same time every night.

Check for a milk allergy. A friend just went through the same thing. But my kid is 2 and has never slept through the night. Is up wanting a drink, cuddles, a bad dream, or just needing mom every single night four times a night.

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Yes, my little guy never slept through the night until he was 6 years old.

He hated swaddling. He had sensory processing issues and is autistic.

Those early baby days were rough.

My baby is the same way and he’s 4 months. He doesn’t sleep, he naps with one eye open :joy:

He’s only a month old. Try gripe water or gas drops, could be an upset tummy. Could be the formula he’s on. But he is still very young and he won’t sleep all night for a long time. My daughter is four months and still wakes up four times some nights. Some nights she will sleep longer stretches. But at that age they need to wake to eat. I agree try a white noise maker or download an app on your phone. It was the only thing that put my daughter to sleep when she was fighting it.


My son is also young 3 weeks Sunday and he doesn’t sleep at all at night. He has his days and nights mixed up, he is also a colicky baby his doctor said and we do gas drops and gripe water with no help… They are long sleepless nights and days as he screams pretty much 24/7 but they will come to an end eventually my doc said probably around 3 months it will calm down some

It’s possible that he’s hungry.

Pretty normal for a one month old. You just have to be consistent and he’ll even out when it’s right for him.


For my daughter, using a sound machine helped and a bassinet that rocked. A swing helped her fall asleep too. I hope you find a good solution! I think it’s pretty normal for a 1 month old to have a crazy sleep schedule

Yep! It was horrible & I worked full time. I developed postpartum badly. My only advice is to ask for help before you need it.

Being only a few weeks old, this is totally normally. Babies very rarely start sleeping long periods of time that young.

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My soon to be 12 year old STILL doesn’t ever sleep… my 3 year old will sleep till noon like me…

Self soothing starts at 6 months so avoid it until then. It can cause trauma early on.
Most kids wont sleep thru the night at a month. Mine didnt at all.
We slept in the recliner, him in the crook of my arm. I did that until about 3m when he awoke and scratched me in my eyeballs and nose :joy:
After that, he slept in his own bed and usually slept all night.
Just be patient momma.

Both my kids had horrible nights my 8 year old had night terrors when she turned 1 and every hr she was waking up screaming and yelling at her pillow or blankets mad cuz the tag was there or sleep walking it was scary some times her doc said shed grow out of it and it has gotten better she now only has 1 a week now but my 2 year old does the same thing not as bad but still a couple a night right now i get up at 430 for work and go to bed late and still get up through the night with both of them i get maybe 3 -2 hours of sleep its hard trust me but u can do it it gets easier my body learned to go with out alot of sleep lol

Try putting the baby near the window during the days for naps that way they can distinguish night from day. I did this with both of my kids who are now 3 and 5 they both slept well when they hit the 3 month mark. They would still get up about 1 pr 2 times a night to feed but they slept much longer.

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