Anyone else have a child who struggles to gain weight?

Hi mommas! Do any of you have underweight babies that, no matter what you do, they just don’t gain as fast as other kids their age? My 15-month-old daughter is 19 lbs 9 oz, and her dr wanted her at 21 pounds at her check-up, and obviously, she didn’t hit her mark…and now they’re using words like " concerning" and making me feel awful like I’m not doing enough…it doesn’t help that I’m a disabled mom in a wheelchair so they already assume I can’t do this or that ect it’s really annoying, and her dad’s family is tall and skinny, and I’ve tried to explain it could be genetic, but they want lab tests and blood work done if pediasure doesn’t work and I just feel defeated…I’ve done everything they’ve asked and here we are…no judgment please just looking for support and encouragement


Do you sit her down to eat or is she up and able to move while she eats ?

Pediasure my bonus daughter has the same problem and her do true has her on1 can a day

I 100% understand your perspective.

Get all of her medical records and get a second opinion. If a second doctor is that concerned then go ahead with the tests because you’d feel equally bad if she had some disease/disorder that prevented her from absorbing nutrients and you didn’t do everything you could to help her.


My daughter is 18 months old and just hit 20 lbs her pediatrician has never said her weight is concerning

My 4yr old is only my 30 lbs… She has struggled to gain weight. She’s super healthy and there’s no concern from her Dr

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My daughter who is 2yrs(almost 27 months) is maybe 24 pounds, she’s in 9 month clothing. Every child is different. You do not have to get blood work done. You can get a second opinion from another dr. Side note. As long as she’s following her own curve of growth she is health.

My 7 year old niece has been tiny her whole life. She is perfectly healthy and well below what she should be. Some kids are just small.


Seriously, that’s nothing to worry about. Genetics seems more likely. My niece is 7 and JUST hit 40lbs, very tall and skinny. That’s just how the family is. I wouldn’t put her thru blood work this young. As long as she’s eating and drinking then I wouldn’t worry.


My child is 23 lbs at 2. His pediatrician is not concerned as he eats like a pig, but burns off the calories as quick as he gets them. As well as Dad, and I both being small. However his Specialist says he has failure to thrive, and has me mix carnation instant breakfast into milk 3x a day for him, as it has more calories than pedisure, and half the cost.

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My 2 year old is barely 22 pounds. Find a different doctor. Kids all grow differently. It’s not concerning that a 15 month old is 19pounds.


My son was tiny for a really long time the pediatrician had him on formula and carnation instant breakfast powder mixed in until he was 2 then just ot was whole milk with the carnation instant breakfast it helped him put on weight

Hows the percentile? It is staying steady or going up? That’s what my Dr looks at! All my kids are petite!! My 4 yo weighs like 31 lbs, some people are like oh my infsnt weighs that, but both are healthy kids :woman_shrugging: my 9 yo just got 50 lbs, one of her best friends like 3m younger is 100. Again, both healthy :woman_shrugging: so don’t go by JUST weight, just as long as the seem healthy, and are growing at least some and not going down in the percentile, I wouldn’t worry!


Get a new doctor. Some are ridiculous, seem to think all kids should be fat :roll_eyes: I had a foster baby who was severely overweight to the point it was hindering his development and breathing - and Pead was still pushing a high calorie formula!! Thankfully Case Worker approved a Paediatrician change.


Find another doctor no doctor should make you feel that way my son is 7 and just hit 40ish pounds he was like 36 pounds for yeeeears (not kidding) no matter what we tried he doesn’t gain weight his growth spurts are him getting taller he doctor once told me that he needed to gain weight and i told her he eats all the time but he doesn’t sit still so the only way I’m going to get him to gain weight is to tie him to a chair make him eat then keep him tied to said chair so he doesn’t burn it off (joking obviously) and she just said to keep doing what we are doing

Try Orgain kids shakes. They’re much better ingredient-wise than pediasure and taste better, too!

My niece is in almost exactly the same position. ~19 lbs at her 15 month check up. She’s a tad smaller than my average 12mo baby. My niece is off the percentile charts. It’s not just you. Don’t feel horrible. Concerned? Yes. But you did nothing wrong. My sister and husband are not disabled, and did everything the same as I’ve done with my baby and my niece is still smaller. She did have acid reflux as a baby, which could be why she wasn’t getting all the nutrients she needed. However, they are going to a gastroenterologist I believe to see if there’s anything more wrong. My niece is also on pediasure. Don’t feel horrible!! Just push for the Dr. to figure out what is wrong. Do the tests if they say to. It’s better to do the tests and there be nothing wrong than to not do the tests and find out later there’s something wrong.

My oldest is super tiny.
At 7 hes 44lbs and only 45 inches tall.

The concern isnt that you aren’t feeding her but there may be other issues going on.
Vitamin deficiency, hormone deficiency ect. Nothing against you but sometimes that happens.

Our son’s doctor referred him to endocrinology because he’s so small. They did a skeletal survey and bloodwork. Right now they’re leaning towards him just being small genetically…but they’re monitoring him to be sure.

I would get a second opinion and if they agree something isn’t right let them do the blood work just to make sure shes ok cuz in the end I would rather them check and nothing be wrong then not check and it ends up there really is a problem