Anyone else have a child who was a late talker?

Has anyone else had children speak late and be fine afterward? My daughter turns 2 in May and says about three words consistently. We are working w. a speech therapist and all, and my daughter is way ahead in physical development, and problem solving, and other areas of communication but almost refuses to talk. She has said almost 50 words but will not repeat them over and over again. I’m worried about her progression long term.

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My eldest. She didn’t go to therapy, but once we took that binky away she stated talking more. Idk if yours used binkies or not

My son is 3.5 and is just now talking at the level of your average 2 year old. It’s been very frustrating for him and us parents but we work on it every day and he’s making improvement

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Mine was over 4 til she began talking a lot. She hasn’t stopped since.

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This is a non-problem. Don’t even worry about it.

My daughter is almost 2 and a half and has said maybe ten words so you are definitely not alone

My middle son was 5 before he started talking :woman_shrugging: 6yrs on and would never know lol

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My son didn’t talk until he was 4…

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My oldest is turning 3 and we still can’t get her to talk, and I can’t get her help bc insurance is screwing us over rn. And it’s state on top of thay

Just Work with her at home she didn’t really need speech therapy. Talk to her. Like she grown not no baby talk. It works better when you talk to them like theyre older. my son didnt start talking alot till after he turned 2. 7 months later he now talks non stop. Shes just now getting to that age where shell talk good. But you gotta teach her

Most kids are physical or verbal. Either one is okay. I prayed for my first to talk bc she was a preemie and delayed. Um the Lord heard my prayer…

My daughter was 4 and about to start preschool and wasn’t talking! Once in school, she was in the gifted program and excelled her entire life!

She will talk when she’s ready. Spend lots of time talking to her singing to her and reading. Try having her around other kids so she can learn from them

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Both of my boys have had speech issues.
My oldest’s speech issues were caused by birth trauma and adhd.
Once he was diagnosed with started medication at 5 he was able to graduate out of speech after just a couple months.

My youngest also had/has speech issues. He had words at 1…then after issues with ear infections he lost them all. Hes made a lot of improvement since having tubes put in his ears. His words are still unclear though so we’re scheduling an audiology test in a few months.
He was also unofficially diagnosed with adhd so there’s a chance that when hes a little older and we can get an official diagnosis and start him on medication he’ll improve even more.

My son’s the same, 2 and doesn’t have many words he uses often. Remember your little one has spent around half of their life in a pandemic, so those public social interactions outside the house may have been cut down. It’ll come, keep what your doing and be patient.

My son is 3.5 and has been in speech therapy for about a year. He’s definitely made progress. I feel like he would have made more progress if the first 6 months were in person but because of covid we had to do them through zoom. I put him in daycare back in June and in January they started to allow the therapists to come in to the daycare. If you’re concerned talk to his pediatrician but all kids hit milestone differently. My son is like your daughter. He’s always been way ahead in other areas. Also he’s very independent. If he wants something he’ll figure out how to get it himself even if it means pushing the dining room chair over to the counter to get into the snack cabinet :woman_facepalming:t2: gave me a heart attack but I was impressed by his problem solving skills lol but just go with the flow. Once she starts talking she’ll catch up quickly. Good luck!

My oldest didn’t start talking until 3… and she does just fine… currently trying to survive 3rd grade

My second son 1 at the time didn’t talk hardly until he got tubes in his ears and now he won’t shut up & he is 2 almost 3 .

I’m 30 now, but my parents always told me I didn’t talk until I was almost 3 years old. They never took me to a specialist or anything. I turned out normal nothing wrong, just didn’t feel like talking I guess?

My grandson didn’t talk very much until he was 2. Then he went straight to very verbal and hasn’t stopped since