Anyone else have a child with an overactive bladder?

Any mamas with a kiddo with an overactive bladder? After seeing a urologist, my 4-year-old son (5 in January) has been diagnosed with an overactive bladder. He started Ditropan on Wednesday. Have any other moms had experience with a child on this medicine or an overactive bladder? Hoping to get some input on whether it worked and/or side effects!

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Mine did, it came on age of 5 he started peeing every literally 15 min. Had blood work and ultrasound everything was normal. Then after about a month and a half it just stopped. He’s 6 now and no problems. There’s also something that happens during this age called pollakiuria-
In most cases, pollakiuria is not a cause for concern. It will go away without medical treatment after a few weeks or months. The condition is not harmful to the child. However, an increase in urination may also indicate the presence of another underlying condition, such as a UTI. - maybe something to ask about

The only med that’s ever truly worked for us is Desmopressin Acetate which my daughter has used in both nasal spray and tablet form. We have been able to go way down on dosage. We also watch fluid intake and get frequent labs to make sure all is well. But my daughter has several other medical conditions we watch too.

My 1st was peeing every 20 minutes in 1st grade. We had him seen and they said it was pretty normal to go through a stage like this. It even went away within a few months.

My recommendation would be to seek a second opinion & research/ seek chiropractic care.


Sending your little one healing…

Yes my daughter…now 9 and still having issues…everything is completely normal for her thou

Also check for type 1 diabetes… frequent urination is a big sign of that. :confused: