Anyone else have a super helpful spouse?

Anyone else feels bad because their spouse helps too much? He works long hours and then comes home and also jumps right in with the house and the kids. Sometimes, I just want him to come home and relax; it’s my job to take care of everything around the house. But he insists, and then I feel bad for not having everything done when he comes home. He never complains though, and no I am not complaining lol


My spouse does this too and I am not complaning. I have mostly everything done when he comes home, but he still jumps in and helps!

Can not compute!! Is this a typo??? Lol…
Nope, never had that problem. Oh too be sooooo lucky!!! Sigh…


This must be an early April Fools joke.


I have a hubby who is the exactly the same. He prefers to help out and be proactive with our kids schooling etc.
Its not a bad thing hun. Count your blessings. Over the weekend maybe show your appreciation with a massage or movie night :heart:


My husband does this too. Comes home from working 12 hours and will still do things in the house and pick right up with whatever I’m doing. Helps with the kids, does school runs. All depending on his shift at work. But I appreciate him so much more. I am as generous as possible back to him :blush:


Mine :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: does manual labor all does, comes home and cooks, does dishes, and trash. Takes the kiddo to school. Always working on updating the house/lawn.

We def bicker and argue at times, but most of the time he is :100:. I make sure to tell him how much I appreciate him as often as possible


You can send him
My way shit. I would love that extra support at the moment. Mine did do the dishes after dinner tho that was a relief 🥲. But he works a lot so I don’t get a lot of help and we both have full time jobs and I am always on call on nights and weekends on top of kiddo

I would love to have that honestly. My man come home ignores me and the kids doesn’t help and claims he does appt for us…


Mine helps me all the time, an I love him for that


When me & my husband got together he told me to stay out of his kitchen he would do all the cooking and cleanup after he would also do laundry ,sweep,vaccum & mop I would help but he would tell me to let him do it my job was to look after the kids.he did this from 2005 until he got sick and wasnt able to do it anymore he died in 2018


100% yes
Hes stepped into my life and my children’s after I left their dad and has supported me through school and with my mental health.
I struggle with lots of traumas and his love and constant support can legitimately be hard to process sometimes tbh :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
I never thought it could be like this some days


Sharisa Tirk sounds like our men

I am blessed as well we both work i’m home by 3 my hubby works sun up to sundown and doesn’t stop when he comes home. We cook dinner together almost every night.


I do. He’s a blessing for sure! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Mine does the same! And gets mad when I don’t leave anything for him to do. :woozy_face: we both work… but he works 80 hour weeks vs my 45 hour weeks. I can handle the housework. But like I said he gets mad and is like… I could have done that when I got home… smh… you’re working so hard to better our future I got it

My husband is the same way! He works like 12 hours a day outside all day, then comes home and still helps around the house and plays with the kids. Everyday he continues to show me why I fell in love with him when I was 16! We have our arguments but there is definitely know one else I would rather be with.

Shut up… Lol. Be thankful. I work. Husband can’t. And I have to do it all most of the time.

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I’m blessed to have a husband that helps with everything around the house. He is a wonderful father and works hard I couldn’t ask for better.


You are blessed! So long as you don’t take him for granted, you have won the husband hunting trophy.