Anyone else have constant pain where their epidural was?

Has any other Mamas had consistent pain where their epidural was? I’m five months pregnant; my first baby is almost 2. I have constant discomfort, and sometimes extreme pain, in what I remember is exactly where I had my epidural—just wondering if this has happened to anyone else or if I’m just crazy. Thanks in advance!


Yes, I do. It is entirely inconvenient.

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I had an epidural for my son - he’s 34 & I’m always in pain especially when I have to work

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I did yes. And I now have horrible migraine headaches from it. The epidural was 21 years ago. I never had headaches such as these before that.

I didn’t have that problem but a couple of my friends did. It is a real thing.

I have heard of it but my epidural baby will soon be 24 and I never experienced such.

Yes, whenever I would menstruate, I would get back cramps in that area.

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Yes. My daughter is 39 now and I still have pain in that area.

I do too and still have numbness at my c section site

My is painful and itchy 11 years later

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My daughter did and still does at time and her daughter is 7now

My back is still sensitive in that spot 20 yrs later

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Absolutely! Twenty seven years ago! I remember the moment I got it … an “electrical shock” instantly went from my head to my toes and and back to my head and toes. My whole body lifted off the table. They were upset with me because I moved … but I had no control over it! I’ve always said something went wrong

Yes, I have had epidurals and spinals and I the cold is when it hurts the worst

Women should be warned that this is a frequent occurence. There are so many options for pain management–epidurals should only be used when medically necessary.

Yes!! Hurts so bad when I stand for long periods of time.

I have back spasms where it was and from the spinal tap and it hurts or is uncomfortable more in the winter

yess. 25 years later still feel it especially during the time of the month