Anyone else have issues putting their toddler to bed at a decent time?

My daughter will be two next month, and I was wondering if anyone has had difficulty trying to get theirs to fall asleep at a decent hour? For the past month, mine hasn’t wanted to go to sleep at a regular hour. We start bedtime at 8, but she fights sleep no matter what and doesn’t fall asleep till about 11 and sometimes even midnight or later. I know she is getting teeth in, so she gets Tylenol before bed. She sleeps in her own bed in her own room with a night light. Are there any suggestions on what else to do? Or is this just part of the “terrible two-stage” and we just have to tough it out? TIA


I think some other important things to know, when does she wake up and how long does nap?

Start bedtime earlier.

So my guy wakes up at 9. He naps from 3-5 then doesn’t go to bed until 11-12. It seems horrible. But it really works for our family currently.


No naps… start bedtime things around 6 . Laying down alone by 7 (ish)

Mine went through this phase when she was teething before she was two

If she takes a nap, have her stop that.
Do you have a bedtime routine? Like something you do nightly— my girls get jammies on, teeth brushed, last drink, use the potty, cuddle time on the couch (feet touch the floor no cuddles), head to bed, read one book, lights out. To get in a good routine takes a few weeks.
If nothing else works speak with your Dr about melatonin if it’s not getting better.
But if it’s teeth it’ll pass

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Give her a bath and warm bottle along with her meds at bedtime guaranteed k.o.

My doctor had us start crying it out around 13 months and after a few nights of that if she gets bad we’re back on track and she’s on a schedule as well that helps a ton.

Having a night time routine has really helped us…my son is almost 3…staying as consistent as possible is what is working for us…dinner, bath, a little light playing, cuddles and a cup of milk, brush teeth, read book, then off to sleep…some nights he fights it…some nights are great…but he is usually asleep by 8:30…he naps most days but no more than 2 hour nap

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Shorten naps or make her nap earlier. When my daughter was that age she needed a good amount of wake time before bed.

Mine fights bedtime sometimes and we got over dealing the hours of screaming and her fighting sleep. We both work full time.

So we started putting her iPad in her bed with a nursery rhyme for her. She watches it until she falls asleep and bedtime is much more manageable.

We all go to bed at 8pm and my partner gets up earlier than we do but my 2 yr old normally gets up between 5 and 6am
This is how we’ve always been due to us working. He also has 1 nap in the middle of the day for between 1 and 2 hrs

My step son only sleeps on car rides. :upside_down_face: We try to get him to nap throughout the day, but he just screams his head off or keeps getting out of bed to play with toys. He doesn’t sleep until anywhere between 10pm and midnight. He turns 2 in January. When he does nap, we just let him sleep for about and hour/ hour and a half, but he’s still hard at night. We lay with him and cuddles and all and he still refuses to sleep half the time. Wish I could help, but I don’t even have any answers.

No bedtime here my 3 1/2 year old sometimes goes to sleep around 730/8 and then sometimes it’s late as 1130 (which he’s only done a couple times). And he doesn’t really take naps anymore. Good luck.


I find having music helps my kid sleep sometimes. It also depends on what hos bedtime routine is. If you just put him to bed, give him a kiss and say goodnight, then he wont go to bed. If you are on a bedtime routine and hes still not falling asleep then that’s another story.

I’m the oddball out here, my toddler is a night owl AND early bird. He doesn’t go to bed until usually about 11ish, sometimes later, rarely ever earlier and when he does he almost always wakes up around 3-4am for the day.

Try dye-free Motrin instead of Tylenol. Our Pediatrician said some kids get wound up from the red dye in Tylenol.


We do a nap still at two an bed time starts around 7:30-7:45 warm bath with dim lights dim lights in bedroom we read have milk Rock an the lights out around 8:15-8:30 we do plant therapy essentials oils on chest an feet an a sleep supplement if we’re really crazy. Same thing every night since he was little

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Sleepberry by Joyspring has helped my son so much its Melatonin and elderberry and chamomile puts him right to sleep. We used it to for a night time schedule now he only gets it occasionally