Anyone else not feel their child move a lot?

Question: do any other pregnant mothers feel like their baby doesn’t move a whole lot?? I’m 33 weeks, and the dr and apps say, “count your baby’s kicks”. My baby doesn’t kick a lot. He will move and adjust periodically. But sometimes I go all morning and don’t feel much movement. I just want to know if anyone else experienced this while pregnant?


I have days kid is bouncing all around, and then I have days where I barely feel anything. If you’re really concerned, ask your doctor, but in most cases, everything is fine. As long as you aren’t bleeding and/or spotting and your baby isn’t completely still, you should be alright.

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Yes but it’s due to my placenta being anterior. Next time you go in ask them if that’s the issue…had I not asked them they would have never told me.


Me right now at 33 weeks also. Sometimes during the day he goes too long without moving for me. Then I start feeling him again. He doesn’t viciously kick like other babies but it’s like I can feel him tossing and turning instead. It worries me a lot but my doctor says it’s fine. :woman_shrugging:t2:

I rarely felt my baby but my placenta was in front of her. Ended up having to have stress tests to make sure she was moving


I’ve had 4 childen. A couple we’re lazy. A couple moved so much that I had to move them sometimes.

When they start running out of room they’re going to just roll around. Not so much kicking

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I wouldnt feel most of the moving unless i was lay down or sitting. If i was moving id hardly notice it. Especially once i got later in pregnancy when there was less room. I also had an anterior placenta with my last 2 pregnancys

As long as when you lay down, eat or drink something with sugar and you can feel the baby move or kick I believe it’s 10 times then they’re fine:)
But remember, if you’re ever nervous always ALWAYS go get checked out!
Even if you feel silly!

This happened to me with my middle son my doctor told me that the placenta was blocking his kicks

My first pregnancy was like this. He never was a mover. I’d feel a few little movements or kicks in a whole day. If your ever concerned, just call and make an appointment to check fetal tones.

1 of mine didnt move much i asked my dr and she said it was because he was big and there wasnt enough room that was late in my pregnancy he weighed 10lb 8

I have days where I feel my kid every second. Other days I feel like he’s not moving enough. My doc always said if I was worried about the kicking or moving around to lay on my side. If that didn’t work I always got told drink something with sugar and lay on my side for an hour. They are running out of room so I don’t think they will be kicking as much. If you’re nervous contact your doc

Babies start to run out of room in the third trimester… especially closer to the due date, as long as you can feeling him moving I think you’re fine. My third daughter kicked like crazyyyy until the day I was induced, and she came out wide awake and extremely alert lol but my first two didn’t move much towards the end and my dr said it was fine “that they run out of room so they don’t move and kick as much and to just monitor/call if you’re not feeling movement” if you don’t feel movement, try laying on your side, drinking something sweet like orange or apple juice, or cold water. That usually does the trick! There were mornings I would wake up and wouldn’t feel my daughter moving at all for a few hours, and then she would go crazy.

I wouldn’t compare stories. Every pregnancy is so different.

Call your OB.
Go to L&D.
There’s a reason why they ask you to do kick counts, it might seem silly or doesn’t always work. But it has saved babies lives.

I don’t know who needs to hear this; who gives a flying crap what nurse or doctor makes you feel stupid for coming in for false alarms. You’re protecting your baby and after your pregnancy you’ll never see any of those people again.

All the best :purple_heart:


The more active you are the less the baby will move. Your movement puts baby to sleep. You’re more likely to feel movement when you lay or sit down to rest.

With my first I didn’t feel much, but my placenta was anterior so he was basically kicking a pillow so I couldn’t feel as much. My second is different… it’s basically nightly karate in there

Let your doctor know. My niece just had an emergency csection at 33 weeks because she couldn’t feel baby move. Umbilical cord was pinched and baby wasn’t get blood flow. Not trying to scare you but please let your doctor know so they can check. So thankful she did. Baby is in nicu but doing good.

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I hand and anterior placenta with my third pregnancy and I rarely felt him kick or move.

Mine only kicked if I was late with lunch. I found they moved if I used a squeaky baby toy (which was their favourite once they arrived!) It was useful to check movement and great when they were resting on my bladder!