Anyone else not have alone time since COVID?

I’m going crazy here! I haven’t had alone time since this pandemic started. I’m at work or with my family 24/7. I need “ME” time for like 2-3 days. I need to go away somewhere by myself! I want a day of shopping by myself, I want to be pampered, I want to get my nails done, i want to go to a SPA. I just want silence and peace for 2-3 days.


Me too girl, me too! Hopefully soon! :crossed_fingers:


I haven’t had a day to myself since I had my first child 20 years ago. You’re a mom. It’s just how it is.


I never have alone time, even before COVID. I’m my disabled husband’s 24/7 caretaker, so all my trips out of the house are short and to the point. I’ve never been to a spa, to get my nails done, or got to go shopping alone unless it was for Xmas presents. I wonder what all that is like, but I can’t be out of the house long enough to find out.


Agreed I am going stir crazy!

COVID doesn’t prevent you from doing those things. At least not where I am. It’s mostly just part of being a parent. :woman_shrugging:t4: but COVID doesn’t stop you from making time for yourself.


I’m a single mother of a three year old helping my disabled mother I haven’t had alone time since I was born be grateful for your family cause one day they’ll be gone and you’ll be crying about that


Wait you had alone time before the pandemic?


I feel this so hard. I miss shopping days alone

I just want to take a bath without my kids screaming because for some reason THEY NO LONGER LIKE MY HUSBAND. To be fair, i no longer like him either so cant say i blame them :woman_shrugging:


I just want to say you can ignore the toxic comments.

Being a mom is not your identity and it won’t keep you mentally stable. You still have needs as a human being. Many spas are open again now, if that’s how you decompress. Reach out to someone you trust and tell them what you need.

Wanting alone time doesn’t make you less grateful. Needing a reset doesn’t make you less of a mom.

Being assertive about your needs is scary and can feel selfish, but that’s just because that’s what we’re taught to believe is true. At the end of the day your inner peace will thank you.


I feel this in my soul some days!

I just miss seeing family, miss my kids having sleepovers at their grandparents. They have hardly seen them since last March. We are very family oriented so that is the hardest for me personally. I never did many fun things pre covid anyway :joy:

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I haven’t had any time alone at all either. I have my two children, 1.5 and 5, my husband and my father all in my house! My dad works but my husband’s company has pretty much gone mobile and he works from home. It’s rough. I love these people more than anything but I do very much need a break too. I know this probably doesn’t help but I hope maybe knowing you’re not alone might ease it a little :slightly_smiling_face:

For those that say “too bad, you’re a mom” don’t get it. Just because you’re a mom, it doesn’t mean that you have to give up everything - I love being a mom, but I also love having a “me” day to go shopping or just have a quiet day alone. You can be a FABULOUS mom and still have a getaway weekend or a day to yourself. Have kids but still remember who you are as a person.


My husbands been deployed for 8 months now so I can relate :joy: I have a 9,6 & 2 year old. And honestly even before deployment I never get alone time.


…and I can’t even go to the bathroom alone. Wtf is “Me time” lmao. Cute idea.


Same 6 kids loudhouse don’t drink bout to go nuts covid is no


My son has been home from school due to a forever lasting cough and I so can’t wait until he can go back to school and I can walk into a quiet house again. I love my son to death but I totally understand your need for alone time. Can a friend or family member help you out for a day?? Self care is very important for Momma’s

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I feel ya! Buncha kids and animals here!
I’m NEVA alone :joy::joy: