Anyone else notice a decrease in their milk supply after getting nexplanon?

Have any of you seen a decrease in milk supply after getting the nexplanon? I got the implant at six weeks pp, I’m now nine weeks pp and my supply has decreased dramatically and I’m struggling to meet my babies need


Most hormonal birth control methods affect your milk supply. None of my OBs ever recommended them until I was done


I already had issues with supply and nexplanon took it from there to nothing.

I got nexplanon first chance I could after having my baby and honestly lol my supply is great baby is super super chunky

I got the iud and yes, it reduced my milk

I didn’t have it while breast feeding but I did get it after and notices a change in mood for just a few weeks on till I evened back out… Maybe once your body adjusts it will come back?

My OB said the only bc to get on should be the mini pill when I had my son. I just opted to not get on any until my baby decided to wean off himself.

I got it done at the hospital before we took baby home and everything is good with breastfeeding, going on 8 months.

I never even put two and two together but that’s exactly when my supply dropped :woman_facepalming:t3: I regret that BC so much.

It can affect milk supply but eating oatmeal may help boost it

I had it placed at my 6 week check up and never had a problem. I was also drinking the Body Armor drinks which helped out tremendously.

I had to have mine removed it dried me up soon after i had to stop bf bc if not enough milk

I highly recommend joining this group, there’s never any hating all positive and other mom’s give so much breastfeeding advice, past experience and what works for them! Love it

I got one at my 6 week and haven’t had any issues. Definitely look into some other things just in case mama :heart:

The same week I started the birth control patch after my twins, I went from pumping 16oz at a time to completely dry. The doctor made me very aware that it would likely happen but I had already gotten pregnant on the mini-pill so I wasn’t wanting to try that one again.

I had this happen but naturally no birth control but I ended up having to use formula and breast milk I still wanted him to have breast milk but he wasn’t getting full and his dr suggested I do both