Anyone else only do gifts for their kids?

Anyone else just does gifts for the kids? I wish my SO, and I could do gifts for each other. But it is tight, and we’d rather give the kids all we can. But I’d love to be surprised with a gift from him…, and I miss picking something out that would surprise him.! Maybe we’ll do big for Valentine?! I always try and go big for his bday!


Can you plan a trip for later for the two of you?

Me and my husband only buy stuff for our kids. We do fill each other’s stocking though and some years he ends up with something under the tree cause I can’t get it in his stocking…lol

This year we absolutely only did gifts for the kids because, well, 2020 absolutely obliterated us honestly.

Usually we gift everyone and we usually go pretty big.

We also do a big gift for eachother. Last year was all new pots and pans.

This year kids only for sure.

we do stockings for eachother and then get something in January

We usually buy for each other but we just bought a new house last week so this year we decided to just buy for the kids

My husband and I have always only bought for the kids and other family members

Do 1 little meaningful gift for each other, but keep it under a certain amount, maybe 15-20 bucks!

Me and my man have been together for 10 years and we usually only get each other 1 or 2 things. One year we didnt, and our son said he was upset that santa didn’t bring us anything.

We’ve been their more then once over the years, and done it to. We just put a few things in a stockings for us.

If you love one another it only takes something very small and doesn’t cost allot Remember It’s the thought not the money

We only buy for our son and usually my mom for Christmas. He gets his presents early (:roll_eyes:) and I usually get something practical. This year was a vacuum for me :joy: albeit it was a really expensive vacuum lol.

Depends on finances.

Lol me and my husband try to but our Christmas is tax season lol

If u can manage it u could do a few cheap stocking bits to open together…

Make something homemade itll be more special

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You could gift free, yet meaningful gifts such as a sweet letter, make his favorite dinner, a stay at home date, coupon book, etc. Pinterest has really cute ideas for coupon books and ideas for letters (open when letters).

We choose one together gift, which was a new TV this year. We also surprise one another with gifts.

Our kids are 17 and 19 and this is the first year my husband and myself have bought for each other, other then stocking stuffers and maybe something super small…this year wont be much more than that…but it’s always just been about our kids. The only thing in the world that I want for Christmas is for my kids to have a great Christmas. Even though they are grown now, I dont think it will ever change.

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We always only buy for the kids! Occasionally we’ll go after Christmas but we always just get excited for the kids excitment! I never know what I want anyways lol!