Anyone else only do gifts for their kids?

I feel that Christmas is a kids holiday:)…or take the kids shopping to the dollar store and have them pick something out for each of you;)

Used to buy just for the kids. Now mostly buy for the grandkids because we don’t know what we want lol

Buy each other something from the dollar store. It is fun and interesting what you can come up with.

Write each other a date a month list so its a promise of something rather than going out and spending money. Can be something as simple as a walk without the kids or cooking each other a meal. Can take it in turns so one month its something you choose and the next him.

We shop year round. If it hadn’t been for our kiddo growing 3 sizes, we would have been dine shopping in March. When my husband mentions something he likes, I either buy it then or sneak to buy it and save it for Christnas.

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We only get gifts for the kids. We never get each other things but we spend a lot of quality time together.

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Make a game of it you need to get $5 and you go to the dollar store. You’d be surprised what you can find that’s fun, or silly. Some of the best sentimental gifts I have for from the dollar store. When my son was really little he got me a hammer. He was super stoked about it.

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We do just for kids unfortunately we aren’t able to for each other. It also depends on the year sometime we can sometimes we can’t

I have 3 kids and their bdays are in December. Ain’t nobody else getting gifts but them. Me and my husband don’t exchange gifts.

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We changed that tradition a couple years ago. So now we just buy for all the kiddos and we do breakfast as a family. It has relieved so much stress with the holidays. Plus is I don’t have to return anything

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I hear ya, money is right here too

Wrap up a massage from you. Just a note in a box with a bow. Or put a bow on your head Christmas morning and give him a special :kiss:.

We married on the 24th. So we kinda don’t give gifts but take a vacation together every year after xmas ofc. And yes. We are one of those who doesn’t because of the children.

Even if it’s one each doesn’t have to be expensive

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I think seeing Mum and Dad give each other gifts is a lesson all children need in life. It doesn’t have to be much, it just has to show you care.