Anyone else spot but not have a miscarriage?

Any other women have spotting early on week 6-7 and not miscarry? I’m so worried that the spotting I’ve had will be a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy.

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I had spotting and my little dude is 8 months old next week

I spotted around then and it was implantation bleeding, very normal. If it’s paired with severe cramping, call the doctors :heart: Sending prayers!!!

If you’re concerned, please seek medical attention.


I had spotting at that time and even some period-like bleeding. Mine was nothing doctors were concerned with. However, if you’re worried about it, please make an appointment with your OBGYN

Call your dr. Mine got me in at 6w3d for an ultrasound, sadly there was no heartbeat and blood work proved my levels were declining.

I spotted one time when I was like 37 weeks. I’m now trying to cuddle a very wiggly 13 month old lol. Check with your doctor though

I had spotting early in all 3 of my pregnancy.

I spotted around 7 weeks with all 3 of my pregnancies. All 3 times, I did go to get checked out even though there was no clots or cramping. Never hurts to get checked!

My mom straight bled her whole pregnancy with my sister. It’s why she didn’t know until 7 months in she was pregnant.

But ask your doc :slightly_smiling_face: sometimes they will understand the concern and have you come in to check on baby :slightly_smiling_face:

I bled for a whole weekend when I was 8 weeks… needless to say I’m now 32 weeks with a healthy little boy who is measuring at 37 weeks lol

My cousin did shes 27 weeks now

I did! I bled a few times in the beginning. I bled around 4 weeks, 6 and 7 weeks. They sent me for blood work and my hcg came back super high so they ordered an ultrasound and my little guy was just fine :slight_smile: almost 16 weeks now! I would call your ob and let them know!
Good luck❤

I had spotting around 7 weeks and was fine, but definitely call your doctor they’ll most likely get you in that same day

I had brown spotting around either 8 or 11 weeks with my first & had bright red bleeding at 12 weeks with this pregnancy. Both are healthy💜 if you’re worried talked to your doctor & they can probably schedule an ultrasound

I have spotted but I was 15 weeks. I’m now 20 weeks and baby is perfect! I would call your ob and let them know!! Remember mama that spotting can be sometimes completely normal!

I spotted with my second shes a healthy wild 4 yr old savage :metal:t3:

I bleed very heavily with my 2nd pregnancy. Was in hospital 10 times that yr. Ended up having a stitch put in to keep the uterus closed until she was born by c section and weighed nearly 9lbs

I spotted with 3 of the 4 early on in pregnancy. I thought I had my period turns out it was implantation bleeding. Doesnt hurt to get it checked out

I did a few different times, it’s scary, but everything turned out great.