Anyone elses husband not allowed to go to their doctor appointments?

So I have a vent slash asking about others’ experience, so I’m 20 weeks pregnant with number 3 but 2nd pregnancy. I go in tomorrow for my ultrasound, and I have to do it alone we are doing a gender reveal party, so I won’t be finding out the gender until. With my family, so that’s not the issue. I’m freaking out because if there is a problem with the baby, then I’m alone in dealing with the news. I won’t have my husband, who is my rock, with me, and I will have to be the one to tell him later at home. It’s been a while since we have done this. My daughter is 9, and my bonus son is 12. This baby was planned way before the pandemic. It just happened, unfortunately, during the pandemic. I suffer from bad anxiety, and my husband is the only one who can calm me down and make me feel safe, and I hate that I have to do this with out him. When we first got pregnant, he was allowed at the apts, but they recently changed that, and now he can’t go to the biggest apt. As I said, this is more of a vent, but I would love to hear from other moms who have had to deal with this situation thank you.


Unfortunately that’s the way things are during this pandemic. I just gave birth 3 weeks ago to my daughter, and my husband wasn’t allowed at a single appt, I have another child who’s 11, but this is his first child.

I would recommend FaceTiming your husband while at the appt. He won’t be able to be with you, but that way he can still be present.

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Most places are not allowing partners/visitors. My partner was allowed in 2 visits, the first sonogram and one where we discussed removing my tubes. He wasnt even allowed in the er when we thought i was miscarrying. It sucks!!! And makes no damn sense

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Don’t worry you won’t need a gender reveal under the dems…


Don’t know the answer but I had to find out baby no longer had a heartbeat alone. Devastating.


A lot of ppl are doing zoom calls at these appts.


I have been video chatting with my husband at every appointment but it’s still not the same

My husband wasn’t allowed to come to 90% of baby appointments or ultrasounds due to covid.

My baby is about to turn 4 months next week… She was born last September so was pretty much pregnant during the whole start of the pandemic… partner was only allowed to 1 ultrasound … (not even the ultrasound find out the gender )… it’s was very tough…and i know it’s easier said than done. But, you should start now looking into ways to control your anxiety with breathing exercises. Your baby feels everything you do. And I’m telling you now, doctor appointment for baby now is just 1 parent allowed only too. I have another child who just turned 10 … it’s been a big help having an extra pair of hands and my personal experience from baby #1 has helped alot with baby #2.
I did my gender reveal personal between my partner and I. So it was very special for us.
And yes alot of places are allowing zoom calls doing the ultrasounds.

Wish you luck

I got pregnant in March, after 2 years of trying, right before the shut down. Talk about timing. But, to answer your question… no, my husband was not allowed to go to any of my appointments. It was heartbreaking because this is our first and only child together (I have 1 son from a previous relationship and he has 2 sons from previous). But we made it work. I was also high risk so was monitored heavily and had a lot of appointments. I FaceTimed him during the ultrasounds so he could be involved though. Now, our daughter is 1 month old and we don’t even think about before. Yes, I wish he could have been to all the appointments like he wanted to be but we got our perfect baby girl at the end and he is able to be 100% involved now which is what counts.

Can you perhaps wear one of your husbands shirts to the appointment that smells like him? It may help you with your anxiety somewhat. I agree with others about using a video call so he can be with you in some way.


I miscarried in March of 2020 and had made all my appointments alone and then at the er completely alone. Ended up pregnant in May and I will say that going to all my appointments alone was scary, but put good vibes out there. I have never been able to have anyone with me at any off my appointments and I am 32 weeks. I did pay for a 3d/4d ultrasound to be done at a private company so that I could have a few loved ones there with me and allow my 12 year old the experience of meeting her sister. But, definitely do a call with your loved ones

Idk where you live but some places aren’t allowing anyone with you at delivery either. My friends daughter just had a scheduled c section by herself.

Mu husband wasn’t allowed in my delivery he didn’t get yo see our daughter until visiting hours

There are many other women who are going through the same thing you are. Because of this pandemic and to stop the spread it’s their rules only the person who needs to be at the appointment is at the appointment. I feel for those who are going through this for the 1st time by themselves. You atleast had 2 other pregnancies that you got to share with your husband, these other women had that taken from them. Most places if you ask will let you do video calls, even tho it’s not the same, your not completely alone. Good luck, and congratulations on your new lil one.


Same here. Do a video chat with him so he can see the ultrasound and hear what doctor has to say along with you.

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Find a different doctor

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The best thing is have him wait outside for you. It’s crappy to not have our s/o there. It’s horrible to think of all the what if’s especially having to hear the news alone. But sounds like zoom is the way to go.

I am not allowed to have my fiancé with me at any appointments at all. I couldn’t face time him during my ultrasound-which is when we got some stressful news. I recommend wearing his shirt or something that calms you down.

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You can video chat but I also had my husband wait for me in the parking lot