Anyone ever feel lonely at times?

Does anyone ever get a lonely feeling? I don’t know how to explain it; besides, I just feel lonely. I think it’s anxiety? I’m a stay at home mom and I love it, but my husband works really long hours and leaves before we get up and gets home after we are in bed. I don’t have a family where I live, so it gets pretty lonely because we just stay home. The times when I think about venturing out with both kids, I talk myself out of it and end up just staying home.


Yes! When I was a SAHM with my two littles, I felt this often, even though we live with my in-laws and I was rarely ever actually alone. I wish I had advice on how to help you through it, but all I can offer is solidarity. You’re not alone in this feeling. :heart:


I completely understand. I’m a stay at home mom too. My husband works all day. I do have family near me but they are always working too. Sadly the highlight of my day is going to the grocery store.

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I was a SAHM until last week, I often felt this way. My fiance also works long hours at night and then sleeps during the day. I tried to get out at least once a week, even if it was just a quick walk.

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Get out of the house! Even if it’s for a walk!

Would you like me to drop by once the kids are sleeping ?? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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My son is 4 and I’m looking forward to him being in school so I can start working… but look up mom groups in your area on facebook and find a hobby that you can do while the kids are around… I paint rocks and it’s stress and anxiety relieving as I have issues with both…

Yes absolutely. Please, join a play group or something. I found a great one that really got me out of my shell and my kids love it!

You need some mommy friends / neighbors. People who totally get it.

yes I can relate . when my kids were younger hubby worked long hrs no family. I went.for lots of walks and going to parks. attending mom groups were what I needed. sometimes u just have to step outside ur comfort zone


Been there, done that, but learned that lesson very early on. Get out even if it’s just for a walk with them, or take them to a park in your area if that’s doable. I learned that if I didn’t I was miserable, and hated be home. Find something, anything!! Force yourself to get out. It wont be long before it will get easier.

Currently yes. My husband works until 9 pm sometimes and I get so lonely.

Just take the kiddos out. You’ll meet lots of moms doing regular kid stuff.

A park playground, library (when things open up) May have children’s programs. Churches are a great place to meet other young mothers.

I used to be like this. Start getting out, it really is good for you, and your kids

Same. I feel lonely a lot…

Its depression, get out and do something go walk at the park or something… I did this for years and it only gets worse with time until I started walking. Or talk to a friend.

It’s very common and once the brain chemicals get out of wack one needs to seek professional help (MD). Best of luck

And def is anxiety i get like that all the time is the worse and ive gotten professional help

being lonely sucks, i know it all too well but remind yourself that even though he works, he comes home. i love in the US and my husband is in the UK. with this virus going around I have not been able to see him or him me. i will see him at christmas but at that point it will have been an entire year since i’ve been able to hug him or sleep next to him. instead of dwelling on the loneliness hug him a little tighter, spend time with the kids because i would give anything to be able to see my husband everyday.