Anyone ever test positive for Group strep b while pregnant?

Hi everyone, I am 36 weeks and five days pregnant, and I have a question! Has anyone ever experienced being positive for Group B Strep during their pregnancy? I haven’t been able to reach my dr yet about my results, but Quest Diagnostics sent me an email saying my results were ready… so I read it, and it said positively. I’m not sure if I should be worried because I read I would be given an antibiotic during labor. I’ve never gotten this before, and it’s my third pregnancy, so I’m just a bit worried. I’m only asking to hear other mom’s experiences. Please don’t be rude, thank you!


I had it will all 6 of my pregnancies and just got an antibiotic while in labor.

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I didn’t get tested in time as I went into labor with my second at 36 weeks. All they did was run an amp of penicillin.

Yes all they do is give you a pill before baby comes. I had to be induced because I’m diabetic so they gave me the pill right before but I don’t know how it is for mother’s who do not need to be induced. Everything will be fine.

I had it and was given antibiotics while in labor. Basically when your water breaks you have to go to the hospital and get set up instead of waiting type of thing. That’s what they told me anywY

I had it no problems just a antibiotic while in labour

i had it with my son. it’s just an antibiotic iv, nothing crazy. baby was fine.

Yes, you get antibiotics during labor nothing to worry about

I had it with one of mine they just make sure you take the antibiotics before delivery…

I had it with my first and nothing to be worried about. They start giving you antibiotics right away until delivery.

Absolutely no need to worry. They just give you an antibiotic drip. No danger to you or baby

They will give you a course of antibiotics (usually penicillin) now and then run.IV antibiotics while you are in labor, no harm :slight_smile:

I had antibiotics ran into my IV. Takes 2 hours to run it in. My 2nd baby came too fast and she had meningitis at 6weeks but my 3rd they got in 3 rounds and he never got meningitis

I had it also. They hooked me up to an IV of antibiotics when I had to be induced. My son is perfectly healthy.

I had it with my second. Had to get all the antibiotics before I could get my epidural…but it was through my iv so I didn’t even notice

Yea and they give u meds before I give birth to protecct the baby.

I had it with my first but not my second. They just start you on an antibiotic when you go in. Or they did me. My kids are fine.

I had it with my 3rd pregnancy also, I had to be induced but before they broke my water and gave me my epidural I had to have antibiotics which made me wait a good 6 hours til I started labor. Its nothing to worry about, but without antibiotics your baby can get it during birth.

I was positive for this while pregnant with my son, i was given the antibiotics during labor but my son still caught the infection. He ended up with meningitis from it. Was in hospital for the first month of his life and nearly died.

I tested positive with my third pregnancy as well. I had IV antibiotics during labor and everything was fine.