Anyone get their nipples pierced after breastfeeding?

I was wondering if any of you have gotten your nipples pierced after breastfeeding? I am a young mom and have always wanted to get them done but I am scared they’ll look weird now since my nipples and breasts are odd after breastfeeding. Do you have any experience?


had one of mine done it was cute

I was wondering the same thing. But I have 3 kids and we want a 4th so I might just wait until I’m all done

Girl if you want it, do it!


I had mine done twice in each, up and down & sideways before i had my son…took them out to breastfeed and my son got PLENTY of food!!:rofl::rofl: came out every hole


Got mine done after kids and they dont look weird. I lost like 50+ pounds since then and my girls are actually really perky now and the piercings make it look that much better 1000% recommend

I have mine done. Had no issues. They look awesome

Got them after my first son, and they look fine! Only thing is, with the second one, taking them out Everytime you have to feed.

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If you’ve always wanted it! Treat yourself❤

Had mine done before kids and got them done again afterwards, they still look like they did before I had kids but I’m not dried up so they still leak onto the bars

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I got mine done before kids. Took them out 8 years ago and they’re still not closed. After my littlest is done brewing and then breast feeding, I would consider getting them again.
Gotta get that breast lift first :grimacing:

Okay, do the rings need to come out during pregnancy???

I had them done 3 times lol before and after breastfeeding

:raising_hand_woman::raising_hand_woman: 3 kids and breast fed them all! You want it? Do it! Its your body to love! Im so glad i did!!!

I’ve wanted mine done but I’m afraid of how much it will hurt​:joy::joy::woman_facepalming:

I breastfed two kids for 2.5 years cumulatively through my 20s and got mine pierced when I turned 30. Love them!

I breastfed 4 kids and had them done after to try and help with the lack of sensitivity. They looked and felt fine and I actually got some sensitivity back

I’m planning on getting mine done after I’m done breastfeeding my fourth. And hopefully after I get a little lift…lol

My boobs are not cute after breastfeeding for 4.5 years and 2 kids, but once my second is done I will be getting mine done!
Young mom also and have always wanted them, I’m hoping they’ll help to ‘like’ my boobs again after

How much does it hurt getting done? I’m quite tempted to once Baba is born :grimacing: