Anyone have a baby with a tethered spinal cord?

Just curious if any other moms had to go through a low lying CONUS (tethered spinal cord) with their little ones? Just. I received the call this morning that the MRI shows it and now needs to be scheduled with the neo surgeon. I’m waiting for them to call and schedule. But I’m completely freaking out. Words of advice or encouragement would greatly help now as I’m totally losing my mind!


Join some of the CP groups on Facebook. Fair amount of parents who have learned their kiddos had a tethered cord in there with positive stories!

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A friend of mine has a granddaughter who had one. The surgery went well. She is now 21. She played sports in high school and is very active now.

Your Son is now being healed from that disease in Jesus name Amene


My son has his surgery at 5 months old. Recovery was quick and smooth. Usually, surgery is only done when it is causing symptoms. In my little guys case, he wasnt using his legs equally.

I also have a spine injury scoliosis it’s a crooked spine I will not recommend surgery that’s just me the as an adult there’s no guarantee for me if surgery will help or not they want to straighten out my spine put pins and wire and hooks and whatever else I came to my spine nothing if a brace is optional do that

My daughter was born with hydrocephalus and a tethered spine. It sounded so scary when they first told us, but we got threw it. The tethered spine was a simple fix, and hers was so tight it made her hips pop out of place constantly. Just breathe. Itll be alright. If you need to talk you can always DM. :blush: