Anyone have a child who is very bow-legged?

Hi mamas. Do any of y’all have a child that is severely bow-legged? My one yo is, and it’s almost like she can’t walk without stomping really hard. Kind of like she waddles and transfers all of her weight from one foot to the other. Just wondering if it’s normal and she really can’t help it, or she’s just stomping around the house cus she likes to, lol


As a one year old I’d say probably just likes the sound

When they first start walking they all waddle you will miss that slow waddle when she starts running

Pediatric orthopedic visit


My oldest daughter was very bow-legged when she was a toddler she’s 7 now and is not bow-legged anymore but I think it didn’t start correcting itself until she was about 4. My youngest daughter was slightly bow-legged when she was a toddler but it did not last long at all.

My daughter did an i thought it was normal they sent her to shiner hospital to see orthopedic surgeon until she was 12 years old and if she didn’t grow out of it they wanted to put braces on her

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When they did her xray her legs were shaped like a wishbone

My daughter was bad & they told me to give a couple years that most of the time it corrects itself. She just turned 3 & it has gotten so much better!

I was bow legged growing up my parents took me to a ortho dr and I had corrective shoes but when I became school age kids made fun and I would.t wear them I couldn’t stop a pig between my legs if I tried as a teen…later my knees had to be replaced because I couldn’t stand pain amy more

My brother was born bowlegged lived with it till a few years back he had two knee replacements now he has two straight legs he is in his late 60"s

My pediatrician said she’d grow out of it- get a new one if they say this- she went through yrs of pt and x-rays and they wanted to break her hips and reset- she still is pigeon toed

Got take her to a Dr

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Mine was and they grew out of it

My twins were bowed from the knees down. They seen orthopedic doctor and took x-rays. He said they would grow out of it. On females if they are bow legged, they worry if it is from hips down. But still get a professional opinion,always!

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A consultation never hurts.

All 3 of my daughters were when they were toddlers, and they all outgrew it. The dr said it’s common. I would definitely mention it to your dr tho if it’s a concern of yours tho, because every child is different.

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Kids like to stomp, especially when they are first getting good at walking, if they started walking too early while their bones were still soft it can cause bowlegs, but usually they grow out of it. A doctor is the best person to talk to about this. But the stomping is something you will have to deal with until they are adults and out of the house ;).

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Children standing before bones are strong enough to support weight. High top baby shoes help. Talk to your doctor and dont wait. Easier to correct while young.

My daughter was went to see a pediatric orthopedic and she got braces she is now 9 and no more bowed legs

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I knew a boy in grade school that was bowlegged from rickets. In the mid to late 60’s